Tattoos Unlock The Mystery Of Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson's Relationship

This story was originally published on June 14, 2018.
You'd have to be living under a rock to miss out on the news that Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson and Grammy nominee Ariana Grande were recently reported to be engaged after dating for approximately one month. Despite cryptic posts from Grande's Twitter, affirmative sources, and a chatty jeweler, we're still not entirely convinced we have all the answers to this pop culture mystery. ICYMI: Their relationship timeline doesn't add up.
Unfortunately, this isn't a game of Clue and the answer isn't just Davidson at Robert Pattinson’s exclusive birthday party with a $100,000 ring. To unlock the chamber of secrets, you have to uncover all the clues the newly-minted couple have left for us. And the best place to start is on their bodies. When you look closely at each person's tattoos, there's more to the story than just a cartoon portrait of Davidson's ex and Grande's affinity for dainty designs.
The real timeline is written in permanent ink, so buckle up and follow along to find out how — and when — Grande and Davidson really began.
November 12, 2016: While dating Cazzie David, Davidson gets a tattoo on his left ring finger of what appears to be the word "May." Is it possible this is a tribute to David? (Her birthday is May 10.) For the first time, Davidson's new tattoo is visible in "Football Party" on SNL.
May 5, 2018: The presumed "May" tattoo still appears to be intact when Davidson is invited as a guest on SNL's Weekend Update.
May 7: Grande attends the Met Gala in New York without then-boyfriend Mac Miller — and without any new finger tattoos.
May 10: PEOPLE confirms that Grande and Miller have broken up.
May 12: Davidson adds three more tattoos to the same hand (his left) where "May" presumably once sat. The new ink appears to be an image of Pikachu on his index finger, a cloud on his middle finger, and a heart on his pinky. You can see all three clearly in the SNL "Talent Show" skit below.
Later that night, Davidson and Grande are seen at the same SNL after-party.
May 14: Fans begin to notice Grande's penchant for clouds — and emojis of clouds — on both Instagram and Twitter. She posts a photo with a caption proving their point.


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May 16: Davidson confirms that he and David are no longer together on Complex’s Open Late Show with Peter Rosenberg.
May 17: Davidson shows off his new knuckle tattoos on Instagram. This time, "May" is nowhere to be found, seemingly covered by three black lines on the same ring finger. One could even argue that the design looks like an engagement ring tattoo...

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Did this crazy coverup last night on my boy @petedavidson ESSKEETIT!!!

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May 18: Bossip reports that Grande and Davidson are "casually" dating.
May ~19: Jeweler Greg Yuna told E! News in June that Davidson called him at the "end of May" asking for a ring. Although the comedian never revealed who the ring was for, many assume it was the engagement ring for Grande. We're led to assume that Yuna was referring to the week of May 19.
May 20: Stealthy Arianators sneak a video of Davidson with Grande's entourage at the Billboard Music Awards. Twitter fans quickly notice a new tattoo on her middle finger: a cloud similar to Davidson's. It's deduced that Davidson and Grande may have received these new finger tattoos together.
May 22-30: Several Instagram comments, Stories, and Harry Potter references later, the two appear to be dating at full speed.
June 2: Davidson gets two Grande-inspired tattoos: her Dangerous Woman bunny mask on his neck and her initials, "AG," on his right thumb.
June 11: Davidson and Grande are reportedly engaged.
June 18: Davidson and Grande (along with a few friends) get matching "H2GKMO" tattoos on their hands. The meaning? Fans strongly suspect it's a phrase — "honest to god knock me out" — Ari and crew say often, especially on Twitter.
June 26: Grande posts a photo of her hand to her Instagram story, revealing two new tattoos. One shows the number "561," which is the area code for Boca Raton, Florida, where she was born and raised. The other just above it reads "reborn" — seemingly matching the same Kid Cudi-inspired tattoo Davidson also got a week before.
June 30: Grande gets a tattoo in tribute to Davidson's late father on her left ankle. The number — "8418" — was his father's firefighter badge number. Davidson also has the number inked on his arm.
July 7: Davidson debuts yet another covered tattoo, on his right-hand ring finger this time. Covering what seems to be a faded "forever" tattoo now reads "goon." Davidson captioned the photo on Instagram: "As I was, as I am. as I always will be."
Later that day, Grande posts photos from her music video with Nicki Minaj for their song "Bed." In both the video and photo below, fans notice Grande has a new tattoo below her ribs (a trendy spot, at that). Although the word itself doesn't immediately suggest it has anything to do with Davidson, stan Instagram accounts speculate it was designed by Davidson per a copy of his handwriting in a letter he wrote his sister.
Rob Lowe, you do the rest.

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