Pete Davidson Covered Up His Ariana Grande Neck Tattoo — & Fans Are Losing It

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Update: Over the weekend, People and TMZ reported that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken off their engagement. Now, not only are fans questioning what this final Grande-inspired cover-up tattoo really meant for the couple, but also what exactly is going to happen to the 15 other tattoos this duo got in honor of one another over the past five months.
This post was originally published on October 10, 2018.
In the game of celebrity couples getting tattoos to show their love, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson continue to reign supreme. After inking several matching couple tattoos and individual homage tattoos in honor of one another, Davidson is now going as far as to cover up his existing Ariana tattoos with even more Ariana tattoos. (Running out of real estate, maybe?)
One of Davidson's very first Grande-inspired tattoos, a Dangerous Woman bunny mask on his neck, has now been covered up with a large black heart. Beside the heart is also a single initial: "A," presumably for his fiancé.
Fans spotted the new ink on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live and the rumors started swirling.
While fans wondered if the mask was possibly copyrighted, and that's why Davidson had decided to cover it up with marker for the show, he was then seen out and about with the new heart and initial proving that it's very likely permanent.
Davidson has a history of covering up tattoos with more tattoos. Notably when he and Grande first started dating, he covered up a portrait of his ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David. And he's covered up non-relationship-inspired tattoos as well, including his notorious "Swag Is Forever" tattoo, which he disguised with a huge shark.
Obviously since Davidson has chosen to cover up this tattoo with some more Ariana-inspired ink, there's no real need to fret about their relationship status. This all comes less than one month after Pete got a giant "Ariana" inked on his ribcage. And changing your mind about a personal tattoo doesn't immediately imply a breakup at all. It's also worth noting Grande has distanced herself from her Dangerous Woman period, so maybe those bunny ears had started to feel outdated to both of them.
Clearly with this couple, tattoos are their love language — and it looks stronger than ever.

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