Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande Made It Official With…Tattoos

Photo: Marion Curtis / StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
After less than one month of dating, Pete Davidson already has two new tattoos referencing the new love in his life, Ariana Grande. If you think that sounds overly keen, buckle up. Grande and Davidson also got some additional, matching ink.
According to recent tweets, Davidson is now sporting a tattoo on his thumb with the initials AG as well as Grande’s iconic Dangerous Woman bunny ears mask behind his ear. A hawk-eyed fan spotted that, as of only a couple weeks ago, both Grande and Davidson have a small cloud tattooed in the same spot on their left, middle fingers. While we don’t know if they went and got them together, we do know that it couldn’t have been by accident. Great minds think alike, but they don’t just happen to get the exact same tattoo in the same spot in the same few days.
The internet’s most discussed couple of the moment began dating almost immediately after they broke things off with their respective partners, rapper Mac Miller and writer-director of web series 86ed, Cazzie David. Now, they are all over each other’s Instagrams and we are clicking through like they are two of our friends who just started dating. We’re not obsessed, but we just can’t scroll away.
The couple have largely taken the task of directing the narrative of their fledgling relationship into their own handheld devices. Most of what we know about their relationship, however “new” and “casual,” has come directly from Grande and Davidson themselves. While there were rumors flying after the two were seen spending most of the evening together at an SNL after party last month, their posts have determined what the public knows about their relationship. As Vanity Fair pointed out, the couple’s flirty interactions started in a way we can all relate to – on social media. As anyone who has tried to flirt with someone over social media knows, comments and tagging are the kindling to igniting the fire of any modern relationship. To say that it has quickly progressed might feel like an understatement.

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