Ariana Grande's New Tattoo Is Very Meaningful To Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande’s latest ink is personal.
This week, Grande was spotted sporting the number 8418 tattooed on her foot. Some online sleuths quickly found that the numbers had a special meaning — not just to Grande, but to fiancé Pete Davidson.
Davidson’s late father, Scott Davidson, was a New York firefighter who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. His badge number was 8418. Grande’s tattoo is a clear homage to her fiancé’s dad and matches Davidson’s, who has the number tattooed on his arm.
This isn’t the first time the happy couple — Pariana? We’re workshopping the name — has gotten matching or homage tattoos for each other. While we won’t get into the entire tattoo timeline (reader, it’s a bit of a long one), some highlights include small matching cloud tattoos and Davidson’s Dangerous Woman bunny ears and “AG” thumb tattoos, which he revealed roughly around the time the couple went official. According to his tattoo artist, Davidson is pretty committed to honoring his fianceé with body art, so we can probably expect that tattoo timeline to grow longer throughout the couple’s already buzzworthy engagement.
The new ink isn’t the only recent milestone in the Grande-Davidson relationship — although to be fair, with how truly whirlwind this romance has been, “milestone” takes on a whole new meaning. The couple was spotted at a New York City Sephora this weekend, capping off a week of moving in together, furnishing a new apartment, busting out some Evanescence at karaoke, and sparking some fascinating online discourse over Davidson’s purported “Big Dick Energy” (it’s exactly what it sounds like, yes).
Keeping up with Grande and Davidson is definitely keeping us busy. But as Ari’s new tattoo proves — fun Insta stories and cheeky jokes aside — it’s the small, sweet, personal gestures that show this couple is in it for the long haul.

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