The Sexy Tattoo Trend You'll Want To Copy Before This Summer

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
Living and breathing Instagram has its drawbacks — increased likelihood of anxiety, constant FOMO, not being able to fall asleep because you just need to refresh your feed one more time — but there are two sides to every coin, and on the bright side, we can stay on top of trends better than any other generation before us. There's visual inspiration aplenty on the platform, especially when it comes to tattoos, and we're equipped to spot it all before anyone else does. The latest ink inspo on our radar? Side-boob tattoos.
The name is a bit deceiving: These tats don't necessarily need to be right on the side of a boob, but rather the general ribcage region on the side of your body. This under-appreciated real estate is intimate and unexpected, and though it's easily hidden, it's also perfect for showing off all summer long... which means now's the time to do it in advance of your first day poolside, no matter how far away that might feel.
Ahead, the best side-boob tattoos on Instagram right now, so you can officially start planning your spring and summer wardrobe around how best to show yours off.

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