Your Long Weekend Sex Guide Is Here

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A three-day weekend adds a whole 24 hours to your not-at-work time, and instead of going shopping or out to brunch, why not indulge in sex that’s a little more time-consuming than what you usually get up to? While quickies and easy sex positions have their time and a place, that time and place is not a three-day weekend at the start of summer. Those three days are the perfect time to get out the costumes, props, ropes, lubes, and sex toys.
You don’t have to choose between a vacation and a sex marathon — just turn your trip into a sex-pedition. “If you're heading away for the weekend, consider bringing a few kinks with you,” Daniel Saynt, sex educator and Chief Conspirator at sex and cannabis members club the New Society for Wellness, tells Refinery29. “Take the weekend to spend time learning a new skill together and then quickly put your knowledge into action.”
While how you spend your sexy long weekend will, of course, depend on what you and your partner are into, we hope these ideas lend you some sexy inspiration.

Try Karezza

The sex technique called karezza is all about slowing down — perfect for a lazy day or a whole lazy weekend. The word comes from the Italian term for "caress," and this sex style is all about intimacy. To try it, focus on physically caressing and emotionally connecting with your partner over orgasm.

Learn Shibari

This Japanese rope bondage technique takes some time to learn and a lot of practice to perfect — but, as Saynt points out, there are plenty of tutorials out there to help (including a surprising number on YouTube). “Bring out a few shibari ropes and spend a few hours trying out various ties,” he says. “Consider using your ropes to tie your partner up, making it difficult for them to escape. Tease and please them while they are in your submission, increasing excitement during the experience. Blindfold them, excite them, make them beg you for release. The whole weekend is available for you to be bound and bind.”

Become A Foreplay Pro

Think of foreplay not as a prelude to sex but as something worth enjoying in and of itself — and now you can take some time to perfect it. “Focus on extended foreplay and pleasure, particularly mental pleasure,” says Penda N’Diaye, creator of PRO HOE, a brand and blog that aims to eradicate sexual stigma and debunk myths surrounding sexual pleasure and exploration in communities of color.
“Engage in more emotional conversations that involve sharing positive qualities or questions that evoke confidence, expressing travel plans and long term goals, being open about your fears and insecurities. Long weekends are great to build on your trust and establish boundaries. Plus, it feels like one long sex marathon — each time building on the last, growing in intensity and openness with your partner.”

Test All Your Sex Toys

Do you have a dozen vibrators, two dildos, and three butt plugs in a box under your bed? Get all your sex toys out, make sure they're clean and charged, and figure out once and for all which one is your favorite.

Break Out The Role-Play Props

A long weekend is the perfect time to go all-out with a role-play scenario. If you’re playing teacher/student, dig out your old college textbooks and set up your kitchen chairs like a classroom. If you’re playing boss/secretary, get out your best pencil skirt and clean off your desk so you can bend over it without worrying about getting poked by a misplaced pen. If you’re pretending to be strangers, put together an incredibly sexy outfit your partner has never seen and meet them a bar you’ve never been to.

Try A Remote-Control Sex Toy

About that bar: before you go, buy a remote-control sex toy that you can wear in public. Technology has come a long way since the days of bulky vibrating panties, and along with discreet, quiet vibes you can slip into your jeans, you can find vibrating cock rings, kegel balls, and butt plugs, too. Hand your partner the remote and head up to the bar to buy you both drinks. Then try your best not to spill.

Netflix And Chill, But Better

If you still want to relax in bed, make what you’re watching a little sexier than 30 Rock. That could mean a feature-length porn film, an R-rated movie full of sex scenes, or a kinky cult classic like Secretary. Bonus points if you act out the sex scenes after. Or during.

Have Outdoor Sex

The weather is finally nice enough that you might want to have sex outside, so scope out some secluded spaces and put on your best easy-access outfit. If you’re not on private property, keep public decency laws in mind. After all, if you don't have your own backyard, you can always just open your windows so you can hear people walking by, then close your eyes and pretend the walls are trees.

Just Add Water

Try a few shower sex positions, make out in a hot tub, or try out sex on the beach (just make sure you put a towel down first). There’s something about getting wet that just, well, gets people wet.

Act Out A BDSM Scene

Whether you’re breaking out the flogger or asking your partner to order you around all day, try something new that takes a bit of planning and conversation — or even just plan a scene that goes on for longer than usual. Remember to talk it out first and establish a safe word!

Act Out A Fantasy

Do you have a sexual fantasy that you've always wanted to act out? Talk to your partner about it and see what they think. Maybe it's time for your first threesome.

Switch It Up

If your partner usually takes the lead, put yourself in charge for the weekend (with your partner’s consent, of course). If you usually have sex in bed, get busy on the couch or in the kitchen. If you usually have vaginal sex, try anal sex or nonpenetrative sex.

Aim For A New Type Of Orgasm

Do you have fantasies about squirting? Does the idea of a “nipplegasm” intrigue you? Ready to find your A-spot? Even if you don’t master the orgasm of your dreams, you’ll have a lot of fun trying.

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