10 Steamy and Free Erotic Literature Sites

Photographed by Michael Beckert.
While we’re all for porn you can watch, sometimes porn you can read is even better. Erotic fiction, or literotica, as it’s sometimes called, allows you to be in control of the fantasy. You choose what kind of story to read, you set the pace, you pick which parts to skim or skip (or read again), and you use your imagination to picture exactly what’s happening.
But the world of literotica is pretty vast, so we’ve rounded up some of the best (free!) erotic fiction you can find on the internet. (Bonus: Many of the stories on these websites were written by women, for women.) Whether you’re into BDSM, queer sex, sexy fan fiction, or you’re just looking for any steamy sex scene to get you in the mood, there’s something for you on this list.
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Sugar Butch Chronicles

Sugar Butch Chronicles is an award-winning sex blog from dominant butch educator and writer Sinclair Sexsmith. It explores themes like BDSM, gender, sexuality, and kink.
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Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl is another great site for those looking to explore BDSM. Unlike websites that crowdsource material, the work on Remittance Girl was all written by the same author, who says in her manifesto that “there is a WORLD of difference between what people fantasize about and what they actually do.” She’s here to help you with the fantasies.
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Girl On The Net

Girl On The Net is another site written entirely by one person. The blog was started in 2011 and features “real life sex stories, dirty fantasies, and fun rants about gender and sex.”
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Erotic Review

If you’re looking for thought-out, well-written erotica, then Erotic Review is the place to go. The website actually has an editorial team to make sure every story is “always appealing to the primary sexual organ – the brain.”
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Libidia is a sex toy shop, with the added bonus of free erotica. Go on to search for a new vibrator, and come away with sensual stories that will get you in the mood to use it.
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Solo Touch

As the name implies, Solo Touch is all about masturbation. The site features stories of mutual masturbation with a partner, as well as stories about 100% solo sex.
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Lush Stories

One of the largest literotica websites out there, Lush Stories actually considers itself a social network, and members can join forums or groups to talk to other members. Of course, you can also visit the site just to read sexy stories, and there are plenty of options. Choose from categories like anal, group sex, masturbation, gay/lesbian, seduction, and even steampunk.
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Literotica is another big one, with a slew of categories so that you're bound to find something that turns you on. The site even has erotic audio stories and poetry for those who’d rather lie back and listen.
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Nifty boasts more than 235,000 stories, all written for LGBTQ+ people. Here, you’ll find gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender categories. Although the website was established in 1992, there are still new stories posted almost every week.
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If you’re experienced with, or just exploring, the world of BDSM, this is the website for you. All of the stories on BDSM Cafe include some elements of bondage, dominance, and/or sado-masochism.

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