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Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.
Au natural stimulation is wonderful, but sex toys can do things that people just can't. The sex toy industry is now attracting an impressive $15 billion a year in global sales, and with a plethora of clever products at a range of prices on the market, we're spoiled for choice. This also means that smart shopping can be tricky.
To help you cut through the noise, we're curating a roundup of the top-reviewed sex toys across the world wide web. We've got you covered with everything from a smooth, pulsating butt plug for both partnered and solo play to the next level waterproof clitoral vibe that packs a surprising punch. Click through to browse some seriously sexy finds, and check back as we continue to add more. Your perfect object of desire is waiting to be discovered.
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Mini Vibrator
The small bullet shaped vibrator is discreet in size and touts an entry level cost. It's a great choice for those testing the waters and a smart add-on for travel.

The hype: 4.5 stars and 765 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "The first sex toy I ever bought and it does not disappoint! Each speed is different and the vibrator can deliver a lot of pleasure. Once you find the perfect speed and function for you! It's also really quiet, which is beneficial considering I share a house with other people." - IB, Lovehoney review
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The hype: 5 stars and 13 reviews on Unbound Babes

What they're saying: "As someone taking SSRI's, blocked/delayed orgasm is a very real, very frustrating side effect. This vibe takes the work out of orgasm, and I am so appreciative. It's about as loud as an electric toothbrush would be, it's a good size for the hand, and the silicone is very soft and pleasant to touch. Very effective, and a great first introduction into vibrators." - Grace, Unbound Babes review
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The hype: 4 stars and 60 reviews on Babeland

What they're saying: "This bullet offers different settings, which helps for when you're in different types of moods. I recommend for anyone looking for a small bullet that will 100% get you to your orgasm. Not a fan of it to use during sex with a partner, but for solo play it's fantastic!" - Jan, Babeland review
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The hype: 5 stars and 11 reviews on

What they're saying: "I found this in my sock drawer today. It's been missing for a couple of months and I forgot how well we got on." - MW, review
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Rabbit Vibrator
This best selling sex toy gained notoriety on an episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte refused to leave the house after making its acquaintance. Designed to stimulate internally and externally at the same time, it's a go-to toy for double the pleasure.

The hype: 4.5 stars and 644 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "This is by far the best vibrator I own. The first time I took it out of it’s silky bag I was in love. The tactile softness of the silicone is just sublime, and the size is just wow! The vibrator and rabbit vibrate independently allowing different speeds and intensity in each, which results in the most intense climax." - NP, Lovehoney review
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The hype: 4 stars and 3,073 reviews on Amazon

What they're saying: "This little guy is great. Gets the job done. Easy to use. Batteries last a decent amount of time. Be careful to clean it and sanitize it well after each use as it is not medical grade silicone. The butterfly hits at a good spot and I enjoy that the G spot bulb isn't too big or long. When you're going solo sometimes it's nice not be accosted by a giant shaft." - - LBW, Amazon review
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The hype: 4.8 stars and 32 reviews on Lelo

What they're saying: "I have several toys, but this is my #1 go-to favorite! The Soraya is delicate when you want it to be and intense when you need to turn it up a notch. I tend to stick with the regular vibrations and not go to the fancy intermittent pulses, but they are available when I need them. The company Lelo takes exceptional care of their customers. I have used the warranty twice and both times I have not been disappointed. I have been buying from Lelo for over 6 years and I will be a customer for life!" - Jaybird222, Lelo review
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The hype: 5 stars and 14 reviews on

What they're saying: "I've had my share of partners but was just never able to have an orgasm. This Rabbit, however, took me to a world which I have never experienced in all my years of sexual experiences. Needless to say, I'm more than happy! It's my first dildo/vibrator so I'm speaking as a first timer." - FE, review
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Vibrating Ring
Get the best of both worlds with a vibrating ring – perfect for solo time or with your partner.

The hype: 4.5 stars and 6 reviews on Babeland

What they're saying: "Okay, so, I wasn't sure about this one. I've used cock rings with my partner before, and for him, they were just too much sensation. Turns out, it was just that we hadn't used one with a good enough motor. This was *incredible* - the motor is so low and rumbly that it almost feels like a throbbing sensation. We didn't even need to use it on the highest setting to get the maximum impact. The only downside is that it's not the stretchiest cock ring - I mean, it's still plenty stretchy, but I would imagine that if he wasn't used to the sensation, getting it over the balls could have been a little nerve-wracking. I also want to add that it's an AMAZING hand vibe. I had never thought about using a cock ring for anything besides a cock, but I realized that I could slip the ring part securely around my fingers to use on the clit during sex. it's soooo nice. This is my new best sex friend (besides my partner, doy)" - Anonymous Babeland review
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The hype: 4 stars and 658 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "This is brilliant. It’s secure and easy to use. The textured area is a great feature and provides really good stimulation when she’s on top! The different functions of the bullet are varied. I’m not a fan of all of them but if you take the bullet out. It can make things very interesting in certain positions." — Lucy_16, Lovehoney review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 14 reviews on Babeland

What they're saying: "This is the first time that I have used this kind of a ring massager. The feeling is super intense and I like it. The rubber ring is very stretchy and it feels good around me. It stays on tightly and comfortably. I have to admit it was very pleasing and stimulating. The vibrations are strong and I like the different settings. The overall impression: very satisfying." — Rolly34, Babeland review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 25 reviews on Babeland

What they're saying: "This cock ring is totally worth the splurge. The heavy rumble of the vibration on this really goes deep into the skin, so even when it's on a low setting, you can still feel it through the whole shaft. Plus, the material is so soft and super stretchy, so it fits bodies of all sizes without being aggressive against the skin. I love using this toy on a dildo to turn it into a dual stim, wearing it around my fingers as a handheld toy, or flipping the band of the ring over the top of the toy to make it into a moon-shaped vibe for clit or nipple vibe." - Brooklyn Babe, Babeland review
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Butt Plug
Using a butt plug adds pleasurable pressure and hands-free stimulation during any type of sexual play, from oral sex and vaginal intercourse, or an intimate massage.

The hype: 5 stars and 104 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "This is an upgrade from a basic silicone butt plug I have used. I say upgrade, but it's actually 1" smaller. I'm a big fan of glass, so I knew I had to have it. It's so comfortable I could wear it for hours. It's perfect for beginners. Not too intimidating at all. You know you have it in as it's weighty but so comfortable. Makes you nice and tight. You will have the cutest butthole in the world." - JTM, Lovehoney review
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The hype: A thumbs up from across the interwebs. Read more about B-Vibe's accolades here, here, and here. The medical-grade anal play company founded by certified sex expert Alicia Sinclair is best in class.

What they're saying: "Once it's turned up, the vibrations are amazing for such a tiny, comfortable plug! I'm impressed. I ended up buying all three models. This one is great because unlike the plugs I've tried with round bases, this one fits VERY comfortably between the cheeks. I also appreciate the attitude of the brand on its website and in the pamphlets included with the products." - Calling Off Work Again, B-Vibe review
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The hype: 4.4 stars and 153 reviews on Amazon

What they're saying: "I was skeptical to order a toy online because I’m used to buying in store and being able to see and feel the product. I took a chance and I’m happy with the results! The Paloqueth packaging was immaculate, foam casing, everything exactly in place. It looked and felt much more expensive than the price I paid. The vibrations are intense and very noticeable. The bulb stays in place securely, moving around even with a lot of lube was not an issue. The remote is very handy! The feel while inserted was comfortable.
I don’t know if I would call it 100% beginners, it’s not entirely large but the bulbous part is girthy and noticeable. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase." - Jal10, Amazon review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 11 reviews on Babeland

What they're saying: "This nifty butt plug has weights inside of it. It responds to your movement or impact play. To anyone reading who enjoys a good paddling, flogging, or spanking, this is a fantastic toy to add to your collection. The curved flared base fit really well along my body and the constant feeling of something shaking around was rather thrilling. I found it to be a pretty unique sensation. A word of warning, it's a bit of a firmer silicone — don't expect something soft and squishy with this toy. - Mermaid of Manhattan, Babeland review
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Luxury Clitoris Stimulator
Similar to the bullet shape but fits closer to the palm of your hand. Bonus: Look for a luxury stimulator that's waterproof for a satisfying session in the shower.

The hype: 4.6 stars and 223 reviews on Lelo

What they're saying: "It comes in a sleek box. There is a little satin drawstring bag included to store the toy in the future and the item itself looks like a high tech toy so it is discreet if you have roommates. It is a bit loud if you have paper thin walls, however it is a well made machine. Essentially, it's so good that both my girlfriend and I have one! One for my house, one for hers. I can't imagine being without it." - America1776, Lelo review
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The hype: 5 stars and 23 reviews on Unbound Babes

What they're saying: "So this is my first sex toy, and honestly I got it because I got out of a relationship and didn’t want to go back to hooking up. (I’m a busy girl getting her degree I don’t have time for bad sex!) The first time it blew me away. It took some moving around and messing with it to figure out the best spot but boy when I did it was over in 30 seconds and made me a very happy camper." - J, Unbound Babes review
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The hype: 4 stars and 72 reviews on Dame

What they're saying: "The ergonomics was really thought out and executed well. I also really love the texture of the device. It is soft and gentle so it doesn't hurt (like those made of hard plastic), but is also firm enough to pinpoint it." - Anonymous, Dame review
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The hype: 4.6 stars and 29 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "Every single person must own this toy! I bought the FORM 2 with high hopes when it first came out. I was a bit skeptical about how it would work and if it really was as strong as it was made out to be.

The box is elegant, sleek and professional. Nothing off-putting about it. Immediately opened the box to find a full set of instructions and it's beautiful charging stand.

The dual motors in each of the ears replicate the look of a typical rabbit toy. The simple three button switch makes it so easy to not only turn it up and down (in vibrations) but also scroll through your favorite patterns. It also has a travel lock, which makes it super handy for the traveling kind of people.

The soft silk like silicon is seamless and very high class. It's waterproof and amazing for bath play.

I decided first to play with it by myself, and oh my god did I love it! One of my strongest and longest orgasms ever!

My partner suggested we try using it together (I'm mostly an external girl). I ended up almost passing out from how amazing my orgasm was!

The individual motors in each ear don't ever lose power, no matter how hard down you push. The vibrations are to die for and don't leave the worn out buzzing, but instead a nice and deep rumble." - LateNightsInParis, Lovehoney review
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Wand Massager
The classic is it? or isn't it? device that's so much more than a toy. This OG vibrator was originally designed as a body massager by Japanese tech company, Hitachi over 50 years ago. As feminist lore would have it, artist and sex educator Betty Dodson started teaching women to use it for masturbation in the late '60s, and so the "Cadillac of Vibrators" came to be.

The hype: 4.8 stars and 48 reviews on Target

What they're saying: "Target definitely sells the REAL Magic Wand Original. Absolutely fantastic product, highly recommend it. My partner loves it, and as a body massager it's actually really good too." - L, Target review
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The hype: 4.1 stars and 160 reviews on Amazon

What they're saying: "It's wonderful for massage and if you get a little bit explorative it works amazingly as something a little less innocent. I love this product, it lasts for a very long time, charges amazingly, is not cheaply made, and feels amazing for my back to rub out the knots from my fibromyalgia. 100% would recommend for massage or kinky activities. Either one, works amazing for." - Kath, Amazon review
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The hype: 4.4 stars and 1,137 reviews on Adam & Eve

What they're saying: "OK I’m going to give a very detailed review of this product because it’s worth it. I loved the texture & feel of the device because it’s silky & soft but with a firm interior. The head can tilt so it hugs your curves. When I first turned it on to feel the vibrations against my hand I thought it was too strong a vibe for me. I’m very sensitive & responsive but it usually takes me a while. OMG!! When I tried took less than 3 minutes to orgasm...the first time. I’m not usually able to have multiple orgasms, but with the Peak I can! I like that there are no batteries to fool with, I simply charge it (doesn’t take very long) and it’s ready. I do wish that it could be used while plugged in but it cannot. It’s a bit loud when first turned on but when placed against ones skin, it is markedly more quiet. Even coming in cold, this toy can make me hit orgasm in just a few minutes!" - Satisfied in Oklahoma, Adam & Eve review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 496 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "My very first wand and I was so surprised with how good it actually was. I chose the mini to ease my way into the world of wands but don't be fooled by the name because with its multi-function button it is super powerful and certainly brings you to new heights. Very durable, as it is well used, but still going strong and not too bad on the batteries either." - S1982, Lovehoney review
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Ben Wa balls
This pair of two different weighted balls are also known as love balls or Kegel balls. They can be used during gentle sex for extra pleasure but they're often used solo as exercise to help strengthen the muscles in your pelvis. Strengthening your pelvic floor not only leads to tighter more controlled intercourse, it also helps with incontinence. Basically, it's a win-win-win.

The hype: 4.7 stars and 60 reviews on Amazon

What they're saying: "I wasn't sure about the quality of these because I have seen the same type of Kegel balls for a much more costly price, however, I love these balls! The weights are just right, not too much that would strain your muscles. I am impressed by how snug they fit in the attachment (I was terrified they would come out of the attachment and get stuck) but they are still easy to put in/remove. The packaging is also cute and discreet and comes with a user guide. - A, Amazon review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 54 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "In my opinion, these are more for strengthening your vaginal wall rather than pleasure. You really do have to concentrate on holding them in. These are not for secret out-of-the-house-use as they will fall out! After using these, I did notice my vaginal orgasms and contractions were stronger. Down there is like any other muscle — exercise it and it will grow. I do use these during sex as well and they add extra little sensations." - GV, Lovehoney review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 34 reviews on Babeland

What they're saying: "The Ami Balls are the most fun exercise I have ever done! I love that they come in an easy to navigate set and I can swap out sizes depending on where I am feeling that day and they are the most easy to clean and take care of. The medium sized ones are my favorite for wearing out of the house because the weight in them moves way more than you would anticipate, making every extra movement I have a little more invigorated; especially fun to wear when biking someplace! Also an excellent warm-up for date night and is just the activity to get me into a playful mood for later with my partner!" - Anonymous, Babeland review
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The hype: 4 stars and 37 reviews on Lelo

What they're saying: "My boyfriend and I tried these out about a month ago and they were amazing! We tried them coupled with the Tor 2 [vibrating cock ring] and were both mind blown. I wear them when I go for a jog and they definitely motivate me to run longer. I love my Luna Beads! Definitely recommend. - Moni, Lelo review
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The OG sex toy that dates back to the Stone Age is quite simple. Its phallic shape is meant to thrust and fill for stimulating solo or partner play.

The hype: 5 stars and 243 reviews on Lovehoney

What they're saying: "This came super quick and in a discreet package. The first thing you notice is how weighty the dildo is, and also what good quality it is. Although some people might say that it is a little on the large side, the girth is certainly doable for whatever your intended use is. This was bought for the intended use of both vaginal and anal stimulation, and it certainly scores in both categories thanks to the beaded nature of it." SB, Lovehoney review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 190 reviews on Amazon

What they're saying: "BOYYYY LET ME TELL YOU MY BOYFRIEND IS ABOUT TO BE REPLACED...This is seriously amazing. It’s thick enough, it’s long enough, it’s soft enough and it suctions to just about everything! I’m super pleased and super impressed. This is my go to when my boyfriend is out of town for work 2 weeks out of the month." - J, Amazon review
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The hype: 4.5 stars and 180 reviews on Adam & Eve

What they're saying: "I was shopping for a strap-on compatible dildo and this one did not not disappoint. The size is just right, I would definitely recommend." - Anonymous, Adam & Eve review
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The hype: 4.4 stars and 70 reviews on Groupon

What they're saying: "It’s like a piece of art!" - Janice, Groupon review
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OK, so not technically a sex toy, but we figured lube would be a helpful inclusion to conclude this round of Hype Machine.

The hype: 4.5 stars and 15 reviews on Walgreens

What they're saying: "I never thought I would pay this much for lube but it's not sticky whatsoever, it left my skin super smooth even after the product was washed off which is nice for anyone who shaves their lady bits, and the overall feeling while in use is superb!" - AB, Walgreens review
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The hype: 5 stars and 16 reviews on Unbound Babes

What they're saying: "This stuff is super gentle and actually made my skin feel pretty nice afterwards. Haven't tried using this during sex yet, but I've tried it out with a few of my toys and it's super nice. I also love how nice the packaging it. I've totally just left this in my medicine cabinet with guests over, no shame!" LW, Unbound Babes review
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The hype: This is the top/most rated lubricant on Amazon! 4.5 stars and 1,168 reviews

What they're saying: "This stuff is about the simplest yet most satisfying lubricant I've ever tried. It's ridiculously long lasting, with no gross feeling afterwards. And it just seems pure and simple all around. I highly recommend." I, Amazon review
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The hype: 4.9 stars and 31 reviews on Thrive Market

What they're saying: "After I use it my lady parts are so moisturized and feel great the next day (no partner, solo). I also use it to heal any burns, rashes, dry bits. The size is perfect to bring on a plane, so I may get other one or two for my upcoming sun trip. Cool and moisturizing, healing, just like Aloe." - Anonymous, Thrive Market review

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