This $60 Vibrator’s Reviews Promised I’d Black Out From Pleasure — & I Did (Again)

ICYMI, earlier this year, I raved about the viral Tracy's Dog OG Sucking Vibrator with an effusive review that excited R29 shopper's wallets (and vaginas)... and with good reason. Not only did I black out from pleasure (as promised), but my experience single-handedly replaced any kind of doubts I had about clit-sucking vibrators, which had underwhelmed me at the time — *cough, Amazon rose, cough* .(I'm far more discerning about my TikTok-influenced buys now!) So when Tracy's Dog kindly informed me it had a new and improved version of its OG, I was skeptical. After all, is it even possible to improve upon perfection? Especially with a vibrator at such an affordable price point?

Spoiler alert: For a whopping $10 more, you can. Fans of the OG and newbies alike, it's time to hydrate, stretch, and prep for an insanely orgasmic time with Tracy's Dog OG Pro 2.

Better than the first! And the first version could probably solve world peace.

Jacqulynne Hoover, TRACY'S DOG REVIEWER
Despite being new to the game, the OG Pro 2 already boasts a 4.9 rating and over 200 reviews, which are somehow even more outlandish than the OG. Apparently, Tracy's Dog listened to the criticisms from the OG (I literally had none, but apparently people out there are pickier than me!) and added some highly desired features, such as a longer play time, a handy remote (great for couples or one-handed sessions), and even stronger suction settings. Honestly, I was scared. MORE power? If I'd collapsed from pleasure with the OG, I couldn't fathom what would happen to me this time around. TL;DR: I blacked out from pleasure ... again.
If you think that gif looks good, experiencing the real thing is something else. Though I've become a bonafide expert at using my OG, I knew I'd need to prep for this upgraded version. And, as promised, it didn't disappoint. Like the original recommended, I warmed up with a shower, stretch, and hydration routine, so I didn't pull anything (some of us are getting older and creakier, okay?), but it turned out to be for naught. There's no way you're not going to pull something when you use the OG Pro 2. I'm resigned to experiencing thigh and side cramps every time I use it, but honestly, the orgasm I got from this thing was more than worth the mild pain and soreness.

You want to have an uncontrollable screaming orgasm? Here it is.

Despite my familiarity with Tracy's Dog's OG, I was not prepared for what the stronger suction function would feel like. It blew me away into an orgasmic fit in under a minute. While my OG took some trial and error to angle into the right position, the Pro knew exactly where to latch onto my clit and sucked me into mind-numbing orgasmic oblivion with ease. My only criticism is that the new remote doesn't have an off function, so I had to travel through all nine of the higher vibrations on my already sensitive and strung-out bits before finding peace. I think that's part of its twisted plan, though. Because I was forced to go through the higher suction functions, I came again.

I died from pleasure, I am literally reviewing from the afterlife... it took like .5 seconds to make me cum, and I nearly passed out trying to turn it off because of how sensitive I’d become. 28482947392/10 recommend.

prosperity, tracy's dog reviewer
Though I'm no longer a stranger to multiple orgasms (shout out to Tracy's OG!), I was still taken aback. The Pro gave me a second burst of pleasure that took me to a climactic place I'd never been, untethered from time and space. It happened so fast as I scrolled through the settings that I can't really be sure what actually happened. All I know is as my brain overloaded with pleasure, my body kept ascending higher and higher into infinite pleasure until melting back into the bed into a pile of twitching limbs, the remote still clutched in my vice grip.

The room spun, the fireworks went off and when I was done, every ache and pain in my body was GONE.

Honestly, if you already know the magic of Tracy's Dog OG, there's not really that much to add. Everything I loved about the OG is the same as the Pro. It's made of the same medical-grade silicone and is still 100% waterproof (making it a great accompaniment for the bath or hot tub), and the orgasms it delivers are clearly still out of this world. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try out all the higher suction functions, but what I did try blew me away. Literally. The one upgrade I did unexpectedly appreciate is the new suction head design. Without its former hole/divot, it's much easier to clean after use (and believe me when I say it will need to be thoroughly cleaned!).

As I should have anticipated, the reviews of this vibrator don't lie. It lives up to its hype and more, and I would be doing you all a disservice not to recommend it. Definitely take into consideration that the pleasure might be stronger than you're used to, but we have a spine-tingling feeling you won't mind at all. Grab it now and experience an unparalleled pleasure for yourself.

Completely lives up to the orgasmic hype.

erin rose, tracy's dog reviewer
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