8 Vibrators Under $50 That You'll Want To Buy ASAP

Photographed by Megan Madden.
When most vibrators on the market cost $75, $100, $200, or even more, it's hard not to think about sex toys as a luxury. But not being able to spend that kind of cash on a vibrator shouldn't be a barrier to self-pleasure. If you want a vibrator, you should be able to buy one.
Luckily, there are plenty of sex toys in every price range. But just remember that vibrators are often expensive for a reason. High-end silicone and motors that run whisper-quiet cost more than less safe and/or annoying materials. So if companies are using the best products to create their toys, then their vibes are going to be more expensive. (If you can afford a more expensive toy, they are certainly worth the investment). When buying cheaper toys, you'll want to make sure that the materials are safe to put in and on your body.
Still, it is possible to find inexpensive and (mostly) safe vibes. So, we've rounded up some of the best toys out there that cost $50 or less. Enjoy.

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