The 6 Best Sex Subscription Boxes For Making Mail Time Extra Pleasurable

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As professional shoppers, we understand the kind of joy that only comes with receiving a package in the mail. Nothing quite matches the high of seeing a hulking cardboard mass with your name on it taking up your doorway (except ripping it open to find out the contents inside). That's why we fully understand the appeal of subscription boxes. The frequent deliveries of your fav goodies can come monthly, quarterly, or yearly with a neat little surprise curated just for you and your interests — food subscription boxes perfect for holiday gifting, beauty subscription boxes for sampling makeup goodies without having to purchase full sizes, and yes, even some of the adult variety.

That's right: sex subscription boxes are a thing. And it turns out they have just as much variety as every other subscription box under the sun. There are ones carefully curated for couples of all genders, sexualities, and kinks. Want to try out anal sex toys? There's a box for that. Vulva-to-vulva stimulation? We've got strap-ons and harnesses a-plenty. What about new unique spanking paddles? Hello, Kinkbox. Seasonal lingerie from reputable designers? Check! Whether you're on the hunt for some niche tantric sex toys to level up your already active sex life or wading into the waters of sexual pleasure for the first time, we think sex subscription boxes are an excellent (and cost-effective) way to sample a wide variety of products (and pleasurable sensations) to figure out which ones you like best.

Ahead, discover the best sex subscription boxes for all kinds of shoppers — and take the thrill of opening packages to pleasurable new heights.

Best Sex Subscription Box For Beginners

If you're new to sexual pleasure, the idea of a sex subscription box might feel scary or overwhelming, but with Organic Loven, it doesn't have to be. Their "Try Me" box is perfectly curated for someone dipping their toe into solo or coupled pleasure for the first time. The first thing to put us at ease was the box's listed options for vulva- and penis-owners in multiple combinations, making it immediately accessible to any gender or sexuality. Then, the contents of the box are equally as beginner-friendly, including travel-sized samples of organic massage oils, all-natural lubricants, vegan condoms, and sex toys. We really love the thought that went behind the curation of this box to specifically make sure each user is super comfortable with what they're trying. Best of all? If you enjoy a lube, oil, etc., they're all available in their full-size versions on the Organic Loven site. 10/10 recommend.

Best Lingerie Subscription Box

We are full-on lingerie converts when it comes to setting the scene for a sexual escapade. Not only is lingerie confidence-boosting, but it also makes a perfectly gift-worthy holiday moment (presenting yourself as a present to be unwrapped? Yes please!). Luckily, Adore Me has a great option for those who want to up their lingerie game. For a curating fee of $20, Adore Me will send you a personalized box of four to seven items to try on from the comfort of your home. Don't like it? Send it right back and only pay for what you end up keeping. And with such great options, we have a feeling your underwear drawer is going to be overflowing in no time.

Best Sex Subscription Box For Couples

One of Cratejoy's most popular subscription boxes is the Mystery Pleasure Box. Available in five different gendered variations (boy solo, girl solo, boy/boy, girl/girl, and boy/girl) and filled with a unique array of sex toys and accessories picked out by industry experts. Its popularity speaks for itself — Mystery Pleasure box currently boasts a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and nearly 700 reviews, with raves like, "couldn't get better," and "[everything] I've been wanting, it's like they read my mind." Also included is a detailed description of each toy and what it retails for, so you can learn exactly how much you're saving each month. The couples boxes are where this subscription shines, though, with specific instructions and suggestions for how to best explore with each sexy item. Subscribers are also privy to some super exclusive and limited edition toys you can't get anywhere else — perfect for a sex toy aficionado or a couple ready to level up on their sex life.

Best Sex Subscription Box For BDSM

Kinkbox, $49.99

So... you're interested in bulking up your kinky sex toy collection, hmm? Look no further than Kinkbox. It has options for monthly, three-month, or six-month subscriptions and comes with a wide variety of kinky toys for your pleasure. Each box is curated to explore a new sense or stimuli, so you can walk further down that journey of intimacy, romance, and fun. Products run the whole gamut of the BDSM alphabet from restraints to paddles to floggers to sexy games and orgasmic sex toys.

Best Sex Subscription Box For Smut Enthusiasts

Getting into the mood doesn't have to just mean pulling out your lubes and suction vibrators, you know. Sometimes it's digging into a deliciously sexy romance novel. While most traditional porn is made for the male gaze, there's a whole world of women-driven fantasies waiting to be explored in fictional form. Let your imagination run wild with the Steam Box from Steamy Lit, which is chock full of clit-throbbing novels ready to get you wet and primed for whatever sexual exploits await. Even better? This quarterly subscription also includes a special vibrator pairing to go with the featured book of the month, so you can level up on your self-love exploits. The books also span a wide variety of genres within romance, so you're sure to stumble upon something that really gets you ticking. Now how's that for a self-care gift?

Best Sex Subscription Box For Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is an industry trend that has, ahem, come and isn't going anywhere soon. It seems like something we can all agree on is that pleasure is an integral part of taking care of our bodies, and this Heart + Honey sex subscription box is perfect for doing just that. Accompanying the box's signature sex toy each month are two to four sexual wellness products, like lubes, oils, and even soaps. Each month focuses on one libido-boosting wellness theme (previous months include fertility, squirting, feng shui for sex, and much more). We particularly enjoy this box for discovering more sexual wellness brands in the industry and learning how to better take care of your body via pleasure.

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