Is This The Original Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Photo: Courtesy Lionsgate Home Entertainment.
At the risk of golden showering on anyone's parade, we can name several films off the top of our head that will almost certainly be more erotic than the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey. First and foremost is Secretary, the 2002 indie darling in which Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader get it on in just about every twisted scenario imaginable. Yep, Jake's sister and the guy from your mom's favorite TV show, The Blacklist.   Hear us out. The film stars Spader as an emotionally aloof lawyer who drags his meek, plain Jane secretary into an S&M relationship involving saddles, filthy wedding gowns, and shagging furiously against trees. That lawyer's name? Mr. Grey. 

Someone finally twigged to the comparison and now Secretary —
along with equally steamy films like Basic Instinct and Another Nine and a Half Weeks — is reaping the benefits of the Fifty Shades hoopla. A new marketing campaign. We've got new artwork. We've got a new trailer. We've got it all to watch now on VOD and digital HD. Take that, Anastasia. 

You could argue that Secretary is riding on the coattail of Fifty Shades. Or, you could just shut up, watch this original sexy-time film from over a decade ago, and then ask yourself who's copying who. 

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