The Best Furniture To Have Sex On, Rated By Difficulty

sexchairPhotographed By Gunnar Larson.
Yo, wheel, we're really happy for you, and we're gonna let you finish, but the bed is one of the greatest human inventions of all time. It's an ideal locale for sleeping, obviously, but also for reading, eating breakfast, indulging in Netflix marathons, and, of course, having sex. But, let's not forget: The bed is not the only place where you can get it on. Sometimes, to amp up your sex life, all you need to do is take the action from the bed to the chair...or to the desk, the stool, the hammock, or the bench.
Always having sex in the same place may contribute to developing — and then sticking to — a routine. While your morning routine is helpful in getting you caffeinated and out the door on time, a sex routine is not so helpful. Falling into a rut and going through the same motions every time you have sex can make you forget what was so exciting about having sex in the first place. So, in the interest of helping you mix it up (and in a genius marketing ploy), the good people of the True Interior online furniture shop have created a fabulous infographic to guide you through all of the intercourse-friendly surfaces your home has to offer. It's heterosexual-oriented, although many of these positions could work for anyone. A few highlights: Apparently, the motion of a rocking chair will allow deeper penetration (do people even own rocking chairs anymore?), while a glass coffee table — yes, having sex on a glass coffee table — is prime for cooling down after you've worked up a sweat.
Even if you don't happen to own these particular items of furniture, you can replicate many of the positions in other locations. The key is ditching the bed and showing the rest of your interior design — and your partner — some love. Click to the next page to view the infographic in all its glory.
true-interior-infographicImage: Courtesy Of True Interior.

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