15 Safe Word Ideas For When You Want To Get Kinky

Photographed by Isa Wipfli.
Agreeing upon a safe word with your partner is an important step to trying rougher sex, BDSM, or any other kink. That doesn't mean that, taken out of context, the safe word you choose won't sound a little funny. Portlandia's "cacao" sketch taught us that much. Now, messaging app Whiplr (the Tinder for the kink community) has found the most popular safe words nationwide. Sadly, "cacao" didn't make the list, but there are some interesting terms here nonetheless. Colors and fruits make up a vast majority of the list, accounting for nine of the 15 terms. Other items are a bit more straightforward, like "stop," "safe," "no," and "safe word." Only one state — Oklahoma — made the top 15, which left us scratching our heads. Whiplr CCO Daniel Sevitt offered one possible explanation.
"I saw it explained on Reddit that 'once you’ve hit Oklahoma, you know the good times are over,'" Sevitt said in a press release. Whatever your safe word is, make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Communication is key to turning good sex into great sex. Don't know where to get started? Check out the full list below, and maybe you'll get some ideas. 1. Red
2. Stop
3. Pineapple
4. Banana
5. Pineapples
6. Apple
7. Yellow
8. Orange
9. Safe Word
10. Mercy
11. Oklahoma
12. Safe
13. No
14. Purple
15. Bananas

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