How To Have Hot Vacation Sex In A Hotel

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When it comes to having hot vacation sex in your hotel room, there aren't too many rules (definitely not as many as when you're having sex in an Airbnb, anyway). But, there are a few guidelines that will make sure you have the best possible hotel sex you can.
So we talked to sexpert Megan Stubbs, Ed.D, about how to make sure you're getting the most out of hotel sex, because there are some big advantages to getting down and dirty in an unfamiliar place. Read on for her advice.
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Make it feel special.

Sex in a hotel room is already going to feel different from sex that you and your partner have in your bed at home, but why not do whatever you can to make it feel even more special? Dr. Stubbs suggests keeping the window blinds open so there's the heightened excitement of possibly being seen. After all, you don't have to answer to neighbors when you're staying in a hotel.

Another fun thing about hotel rooms is that they tend to be more compact than your room at home, and you can take advantage of that, too. "There’s usually a mirror in the main part of the room, Dr. Stubbs says. "Position the bed in front of the mirror and then watch yourself."

Anything that takes you out of your usual sex situation is going to feel exciting. So Dr. Stubbs suggests taking advantage of anything that will make your hotel room feel less like home.
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Get in the mood.

If you're planning a vacation with your partner, there are certain things you can do to set the mood, Dr. Stubbs says. Choose a hotel that has special amenities for couples like chocolates on your pillows or discounts to the hotel spa or restaurant. "Going to a couple's massage or coming back to a room with chocolates on your pillow sets the tone for a special night," she says.
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Pretend you're strangers.

There's no better place than a hotel in a strange city to try out role play with your partner. Make plans to meet up separately at the hotel bar and then pretend like you don't know each other. Flirting and seducing your partner like you're picking up a one night stand can be extremely hot, Dr. Stubbs says. Continue the role play all the way back to your room.
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Take advantage of the shower.

Getting away from your own home can always make sex a little more exciting, even if you're not staying in a five-star hotel. But, if you are staying in a luxury(ish) hotel, then chances are good that the shower in your room will be nicer than the shower you have at home. So, Dr. Stubbs suggests taking advantage of it — and not just to have a hot bath by yourself (though that's certainly an option, too). Just remember to use lube, because shower sex can ironically be kind of dry.
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Be wary of hotel furniture.

"Hotel furniture is the most disgusting thing ever," Dr. Stubbs says. People use hotel chairs and couches to store their luggage (which has been touching the ground for hours), their dirty shoes, their dirty clothes, and who knows what else. "That’s a different kind of dirty than I want from hotel sex," she says. So, maybe skip having sex on the chair or couch in your hotel room and opt for the bed, standing sex against the wall, or in the shower instead.

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