The Kardashians Were Baby Crazy On The KUWTK Premiere

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Going into the Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 14 premiere, everyone had one major question: what about all the baby rumors? In the weeks leading up to "The Cleveland Show," it was confirmed Kim Kardashian is expecting a third Kimye baby by way of a surrogate, while both Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are reported to be pregnant with their respective first children. Considering how deftly the Kardashian-Jenner family traditionally turns tabloid fodder into masterful reality television, a response to the speculation seemed imminent. While fans didn’t get any official pregnancy announcements in the KUWTK season opener, they did get a few baby breadcrumbs if they paid close attention.
The biggest baby-centered moment in "Cleveland Show" arrives when Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian play "Truth or Truth" with their friends over a meal. They start off with a softball question, asking personal assistant Stephanie Shepherd about her feather tattoo, before delving into the truly personal investigations. Khloé’s new friend Simon asks, "When do you want to have a child with Tristan?" Of course, the "Tristan" Simon is talking about is Khloé’s basketball-playing boyfriend Tristan Thompson, for whom the reality star now lives bicoastally in Los Angeles and Cleveland.
Everyone’s response to Simon’s question is a little uncomfortable. The entire table begins whooping, screaming, and literally dancing in their chairs, celebrating the fact Khloé — the only Kardashian sister who has yet to have a child — is being put on the spot for her reproductive choices. Yes, anyone who keeps up with the Kardashians knows Khloé has considered motherhood for quite some time, but, does this personal choice have to be up for debate at all times? Khloe seems to agree the discussion is a little problematic, answering, "Uhhhh… I really don’t know. I honestly wish we could just be together. And, when it happens, it happens. When you make plans, God laughs."
Khloé’s announcement couldn’t make more sense. Longtime viewers remember the 33-year-old's rollercoaster history with IVF and last season reminded us of Koko’s fertility problems, when doctors were concerned the E! star’s uterus had a concerningly low number of follicles for someone her age. Although season 13 ended on a positive note for the youngest Kardashian sister’s prospects for carrying a child — after stopping her birth control regime her follicle count more than tripled — all of this medical drama is likely playing out in her head as she answers Simon’s question. This is probably why Khloé gives herself tons of leeway when it comes to getting pregnant, saying in a confessional interview, "Tristan and I, within the next 70 years, we will hopefully have kids together. And if not, it will just be him and I, clubbing it up."
Interestingly, the Truth Or Truth game gives us an update on the family planning outlook of the one KUWTK star no one expected to hear from — Kourtney. The mom of three is the only Kardashian sister not currently embroiled in pregnancy chatter, but, that doesn’t mean people don’t want to know what’s going on with Kourt and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. Stephanie asks Kourtney if she would have another baby with Scott, and the oldest Kardashian sister says, "I feel like I would if the situation was right. But that doesn’t mean tomorrow, guys, so don’t get any ideas." After the chaos of last season, that semi-optimistic response says a lot about Scott and Kourtney's relationship progress since we last saw them on KUWTK.
When you put "Cleveland Show" together with the events of KUWTK’s teaser trailer and beyond, you get a pretty good case for why it’s pointless to speculate about Kardashian pregnancies. In "Cleveland" Koko is preparing for a "rosé all day" lifestyle with her man until her body tells her otherwise. Yet, if the latest Kardashian rumors are to be believed, Khloé is currently swapping out her preferred summery pink wine for prenatal vitamins and lots of water.
Similarly, at the top of season 14, Kourtney is clearly open to reconciling with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Scott; there’s no other way a new addition to the Kardashian-Disick brood would be possible. But, as we see in the season 14 preview, it looks like Kourtney will officially close the Lord Disick door sometime in the near future. "I’ve given up on being with the person I have three kids with," Kourt tells her mom Kris Jenner with her signature monotone in the promo. In another scene, Kourtney reveals to Khloé she had a new boyfriend; Khloé’s eyes almost pop out of her head at the news. The final tease in this sequence is Scott admitting in voice over, "I definitely am out of control," reminding us why Kourtney believes she can't have another child with the sometimes-reformed playboy.
Among all the Kardashian sisters, Kim is the only one whose baby plans have seemed to take a linear — if somewhat malleable — course. At the close of season 13, the KKW Beauty queen was in search for a surrogate following her two famously dangerous pregnancies. While she hoped Khloé could fill that role, her little sister's aforementioned fertility issues made that an impossibility. But, we now know Kim wasn't deterred from her plans. During the season 14 promo, a happy Kim squeals to Khloé, "We're having a baby!" It's now believed Kimye Baby No. 3 will arrive in early 2018.
As we noticed earlier, life comes at you fast when you’re a Kardashian. Baby plans can change from season to season, or episode to episode. So, woman plans, God laughs, and Kris Jenner gets the whole thing on film.
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