Kim Kardashian Finally Confirmed ONE Of The Pregnancies

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It's been 10 years since Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired on TV. This week, we examine how the world's most famous family has entertained us, angered us, and made an indisputable impact on our culture.
Now that there are multiple Kardashian and Jenner pregnancy rumors floating around the internet, it's good to know that one thing is for certain: Kim Kardashian's surrogate is definitely pregnant. The news was reported earlier this month, but we'd yet to hear Kim say it herself until this promo for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The 36-year-old posted the one minute video on her Twitter, and, towards the end, we see the moment Kim announced the happy news to her sister, Khloé.
"What happens every time I say 'guess what'?" she said over Face Time.
"You're pregnant," Khloé replied. "Or the person's pregnant."
"We're having a baby!" Kim cried as Khloé screamed.
These past few weeks we've learned that we should probably only trust news that comes from the family themselves, especially after Kim took to Twitter to express her frustration with the pregnancy speculation and shady sources.
"Let me just say this..." she tweeted Wednesday morning. "People who supposedly work with us 'confirming' details they know nothing about! Especially when we havent even communicated with them SMH."
These tweets came after she had already called out an outlet for writing up an unverified story.
"This sounds like a very fake story..." she wrote. "And speaking of fake stories...The media is super shady for posting fake quotes from Caitlyn when she hasn’t spoke to anyone."
Long story short, we still can't say anything definitive about Khloé and Kylie's rumored pregnancies, but we can send Kim and her surrogate heaps of well-wishes ahead of their incredible journey.

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