Khloe Kardashian Had More Fertility Woes Than We Originally Thought

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Khloe Kardashian has had a long and sometimes controversial history with very public fertility woes. The latest hiccup came from a Keeping Up With The Kardashians finale sneak peek, where Koko claimed she "faked" the fertility treatments she went through years ago while married to ex-husband Lamar Odom, which were heavily featured throughout the Kardashian family reality empire. The apparent admission could be seen as an insult to all the women who felt a kinship with the reality star after learning of her private issues. With last night’s season 13 finale, "Sister Surrogacy," Khloe ran into brand new, unexpected fertility issues, and it was still pretty heartbreaking to watch.
As the episode title suggests, one of the Kardashian sisters considers being a surrogate for her sibling. "Surrogacy" confirms it’s Khloe who contemplates bringing the next Kimye baby into the world, since Kim Kardashian experiences famously dangerous pregnancies. Koko goes to see a specialist with her older sister expecting to have a simple conversation about their unusual situation. Maybe she would get some information or the doctor would answer some questions. Instead, specialist Andy Huang, M.D. ends up sticking an ultrasound wand into Khloe's uterus by the time the appointment is over.
Koko expects to find out she’s ready to start popping out babies any day now. She even jokes the doctor may reveal she’s pregnant right this moment. Khloe is only 32 years old, after all. Instead, Dr. Huang reveals the Good American mogul’s follicles — which hold eggs — and ovaries seem much older than expected. "There are fewer follicles than I anticipate for normal 32-year-olds," he says. The use of the word "normal," as opposed to "average," feels like a gut punch. "Shut the fuck up," Khloe says as Kim’s eyes pop out of her head. "This is definitely not how I thought this appointment was gonna go," the TV star admits in a confessional interview. "What if I can’t get pregnant?"
We can all question just how much of KUWTK is actually real, but, no matter what, this realization is hard to watch. Khloe came into this doctor’s office likely convinced she would need to decide whether having Kim Kardashian’s baby was something she truly wanted to do. But, she ends up wondering if she can even have her own baby, let alone Kimye Tot No. 3. Koko has always been very open about wanting to be a mom some day. It must be heartbreaking for her to learn her uterus is seemingly much older than she is — so much older, her chances at pregnancy could be long gone.
Thankfully, Khloe gets some good news by episode’s end. After she quits taking birth control for a while, Dr. Huang finds at least 17 follicles in her uterus, when he had only counted five earlier. Now, Koko’s even got a "juicy" one and is about to ovulate, which means she needs to be extra careful during an upcoming trip to see boyfriend Tristan Thompson. If you’re wondering how Khloe’s uterus rebounded so prominently, her nails give us huge hints on the timeline. In her original visit to Dr. Huang, she has neon yellow square nails, which place the trip in early March 2017. In her second appointment, she has pointed coral nails and mentions seeing basketball player Tristan "on Monday." Khloe just so happened to be spotted leaving LAX on Sunday, June 4, to visit the Cleveland Cavaliers player while sporting the exact same pink-hued claws. So, the space between check-ups is probably about three months.
Whatever Khloe decides is right for her and her uterus, we’re so glad she ends KUWTK on an optimistic note.
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