Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 2 Recap: "Cleveland Show"

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When we last caught up with America’s first family, big changes were happening for the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The eldest, Kourtney Kardashian, has decided she’s done with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, and she’s trying to get back into dating. Kim Kardashian-West was on the hunt for a surrogate, so her sister, Khloe, stepped in. Now the youngest Kardashian is wondering whether or not it’s time for a baby with her basketball player boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. With the recent rumors that there may be a triple Kardashian pregnancy (Kim’s surrogate, Khloe, and little sis, Kylie Jenner) season fourteen of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is already wild.
Episode one starts off with the already iconic Hollywood Reporter photoshoot and a little reminiscing at who they used to be. Plus, a reworked intro with old footage of the whole family.
Khloe discusses her new dual life living both in LA and Cleveland, where Tristan plays for the Cavaliers. She and Malika Haqq, her longtime BFF, talk about a trip to “the land” with Kim and Kourt to finally see what Khloe’s world is like on the east coast. And even though Khloe’s real life is in California, she’s considering moving to Cleveland full-time for the summer! I can’t. Khloe and Tristan Take Ohio, anyone?
Ever the trendsetters, Kourtney and Khloe relocate to an oxygen bubble in the backyard to have face masks put on. It’s extra, to say the very least, but as someone who is nature-averse it seems like pure heaven. I mean, what better way to experience the outdoors and leave bug-bite free?
Then, they’re off! Kourt, Khlo, Kimmy, and Malika are hopping on a plane to go to Cleveland. It’s a happy occasion, especially since Khloe is thinking about moving there and wants everyone to love it. But the Kardashian’s can’t walk outdoors without at least a little drama.
Caitlyn Jenner’s new book is officially out and apparently there’s info in it that wasn’t in the version she gave Kim. The girls are tired of dealing with Cait’s mean spirit and decided to focus on more important things: wine, furs, and those Cleveland sights. Even though Tristan is at an away game, two of his BFFs are coming by to take everyone out. Last season, the show’s footage was combined with Snapchats and it’s actually really cool. True fans have already seen these major events on social media, so it’s fun that they’re leaning into it more in season 14.
At dinner, everyone can’t stop talking about Kourtney’s love life. They play a round of “Truth or Truth” where the object of the game is to tell the truth. The oldest Kardashian daughter isn’t shying away from meeting someone new, but is forced to reveal a little secret. She says that she would definitely have another baby with Scott Disick, if and only if the situation was right. And speaking of babies, Khloe says she’s not planning to have a baby with Tristan anytime soon (despite his desire). Instead, she’s letting go and letting God.
While Malika, Khadijah Haqq, Kourtney, Khloe, and Stephanie Shepard (Kim’s assistant) are out at a bar, Kris calls. The entire family is hurt that Caitlyn broke the news of her gender reassignment surgery through the media, instead of keeping it open and honest with them. The momager cries to Malika over Facetime and it’s honestly heartbreaking. Sure, Cait is allowed to reveal whatever she wants to whoever, but the Kardashians are feeling more like afterthoughts than family members. They give Kris a reassuring cheer and she hangs up feeling better. It takes us back to the essence of Keeping Up: family!
The next day, the sisters head to Khloe and Tristan’s lake front home. It’s as glam as you’d imagine, complete with a portrait of Khloe as Marilyn Monroe. Kim gets a news alert saying Caitlyn’s revised book mentions their late father. According to Cait, Robert Kardashian Sr. only defended O.J. Simpson to get back at Kris! The betrayal is cutting deeper and deeper. Now, even Kim is angry at Caitlyn and this fight lasts. Everyone refuses to let that ruin their Cleveland adventure. Besides, Kim and Kourtney are having a rough enough time accepting how at-home Khloe is in Ohio. They want her to be happy, but, like, they’ll miss having their sister in the same state!
One of the greatest joys about watching KUWTK, is that everything has already happened. Tonight’s big drama comes from April 2017, when Kendall’s now-infamous Pepsi commercial first aired. Even though they’re across the country, Kendall’s Pepsi controversy is taking precedent. Kenny is worried that Caitlyn might get a little carried away discussing it in the media. And she’s proven right when Kim calls Caitlyn and she says exactly what she shouldn’t say on her book tour. Kim just reminds her how important it is that the family respond correctly and hopes for the best.
Then, it’s day three of Cleveland and Tristan is finally back! Today, the whole crew is heading to an indoor amusement park. Anyone who follows Kourtney on Instagram knows that she’s obsessed with Disneyland. She even tried to get Rob to have his 30th birthday at the happiest place on Earth. So Cleveland’s I-X is the perfect place for her to let loose.
“There’s a whole new Kourt ever since she’s not been with Scott,” Khloe says in an interview.
All three of the Kardashian sisters are living their best lives and no one can tell them anything!
Unfortunately, Kendall isn’t having the same experience. Back in LA, it’s up to Kim to get real with her baby sis. Not only did Caitlyn completely ignore Kim and Ken’s advice, she made the situation worse by saying Kendall thought everything was fine. The model breaks down to Kim about how sorry she feels for not realizing the effect the commercial would have.
“I feel really bad that everyone was so offended. I genuinely feel bad that this was taken in such a wrong way,” she vents.
This isn’t the best apology, but, as Kim points out, it’s Kendall’s first major scandal. Hopefully, she’ll do better when this inevitably happens again. And with that, season fourteen of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has officially begun.
What should we expect from this season? An up-close and personal look at Khloe and Tristan’s growing love, Kourtney’s big foray into the dating world, and, finally, everything leading up to the only confirmed future member of the Kardashian family: Kim and Kanye West’s third child! Both Kardashian lovers (and haters) are going to need to tune in. Or, at least, get your fix by reading these recaps.
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