Every Time A TV Character’s Death Just About Killed You

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We know we don't KNOW our favorite TV characters, as in really know them, but somehow we can still erupt in tears and convulsions when they're taken away from us. And there's a special type of sadness reserved for the moment a beloved small-screen character dies. Sure, we'll see the actor or actress again shortly, but never again will they deliver a witty one-liner, withering blow, or laugh their contagious laugh. At least, until the reruns. Not every TV character's death will leave a chasm in your life, though. Nor will it make you feel like you've lost a close and personal friend.
When Gus Fring died in Breaking Bad (this is just the first of MANY spoilers that are about to go down, for those of you enjoying major shows in streaming form), it was shocking, yes. Did it completely gut you? Probably not.
The TV characters discussed here left an irreplaceable void both the world of the show and for fans. It goes without saying, but MASSIVE, HUMONGOUS SPOILERS AHEAD. You've been warned.
Cue up this song, then read on to reminisce about the TV characters we've loved and lost. But, really. There are death spoilers in here.
This slideshow contains graphic images.

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