The Next KKW Beauty Launch Has Been Revealed — But There's One Small Problem

Now that the initial KKW Beauty buzz has died down and every YouTube vlogger has had plenty of time to share their personal review of the cream-contour stick that rocked the world, Kim Kardashian's fans are anxiously awaiting any clues that might reveal the next product that will make the star $14 million in 14 hours once again. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait too long, because in an Instagram posted last night, Kim not only hinted at, but low-key confirmed that a new perfume is on the way. She tagged the new KKW Fragrance account in a very on-brand photo of a bushel of pale pink flowers, captioned "Gardenia."


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Ah, yes – a lovely choice, that beautiful, beautiful gardenia, with its lush white petals and intoxicating scent, which is why you'll already find it in many beloved fragrances, such as Dior's timeless classic Pure Poison and the cult-favorite Kai perfume oil. Just one small problem: That up there is a picture of orchids. Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, to be exact.
Worse blunders have been made over the course of history than Kim Kardashian mistaking orchids for gardenias. But many of Kim's followers — not including the hundreds who commented on the photo just to say "Lb" — didn't hesitate to point out her flower-identifying faux pas. Most of them just wanted to help her out by gently correcting the oversight. "Gardenias are one of my favorites, but honey, those are orchids," one concerned fan wrote. Another: "You make me so mad sometimes."
Kim may not be particularly knowledgeable when it comes to plants, but hey, she's a reality TV star-turned-beauty entrepreneur, not a botanist. Which is a good thing, not only because she doesn't know the difference between an orchid and a gardenia, but because she sure as hell couldn't afford the lifestyle she's accustomed to on a botanist's paycheck. (As of September 2017, the median annual salary for a plant scientist is around $65,000. Forbes estimates that Kim has raked in $45.5 million so far this year.)
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