Whatever You Do, Don't Take A Bath In Coconut Oil This Winter

For bath lovers, soaking in a tub with your favorite bath oils can feel like a slice of paradise. For years, enthusiasts have been sprinkling in coconut oil as a hydrating (and cost efficient) substitute to epson salts. But, as one woman learned last winter, there can be too much of a good thing — and we haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.
It started out innocently enough: Imgur user denshan was feeling sick, tired, and in need of a pick-me-up, so she hopped in a bath and poured in a heavy hand of coconut oil. But once the water drained, she was stuck — literally. Unable to stand, sit, or crawl her way out, she posted to the social account to document the experience.
As you can see, the copious amounts of oil are lining the tub and her legs, making it impossible for her to move. “Went to get out after pulling the plug and I just slide around like a giant greased up potato in a roasting dish," she captioned the post. "There is no traction. No grip. Just me... slipping around covered in oil."
In reality, we all know the struggle of using too much product — and it's easy to go overboard with oils. Luckily, Denshan eventually did make her way out of the tub with a few splashes of water and some heavy-duty soap. We'd be willing to bet she won't be touching a jar of coconut oil for some time.

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