The Most Anticipated Pop Culture Moments Of 2019

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A new year is all about new beginnings. That's why New Year's resolutions are so popular — you get to finally check back in on that growing bucket list and make the most of a fresh slate. Unlike many things in life (homes, clothing, and appearing on Carpool Karaoke), hope for new beginnings is something that both Normals and Celebrities have in common.
While everyone's glue is still drying on their literal, digital, or emotional 2019 mood boards, Refinery29 (namely me, who exists on a diet of gossip and red wine), has created the 13 headline-making moments, collaborations, and creations we want to see happen next year. Taking into consideration A. the likelihood of these events occurring, and B. the reality that pop culture moves faster than you can say "Keeping up w—", some of these might come true — or none of them might come true. But at least you can say you read them here first.
Ariana Grande should star in a rom-com.
Grande has had a long and encompassing career. She's done TV shows (R.I.P Scream Queens); she's done Broadway; she's a whiz at late-night appearances; and she's a master at social media — all in addition to being one of the most famous pop stars of our time. So, what's left? How about a movie? Grande would kill a role in a Netflix original (they have enough money). After her "thank u, next" rom-com montage, it only seems fair for her to get her own.
Pete Davidson should get a stand-up comedy special.
Davidson has had an intense year. The comedian started 2018 dating Cazzie David, later had a whirlwind engagement to Ariana Grande, and ended it a single man, defending himself from the legion of social media trolls that plague the celebrity world. (There is a good kind of stanning, and a bad kind. Never participate in the bad kind.) But, as I'm pretty sure the saying goes, bad experiences make great jokes! Get this kid a stand-up special, stat, HBO. He deserves it.
Brad Pitt should display his art in a local show.
Pitt, like Channing Tatum and (ex) Jennifer Aniston, found mental clarity and peace in working with clay. The single father turned to the arts after his high profile divorce from Angelina Jolie, and he apparently likes to sculpt large pieces.
Noah Centineo should date an A-Lister.
If you haven't noticed, Centineo is lovesick. His Twitter feed is full of heartbreak, longing, and the occasional pick-up line. In 2019, I'd love to see Centineo put all that romanic energy into an IRL relationship (although we still stan Peter Kavinsky). He's pretended to date Lana Condor, and is currently shooting his shot with Selena Gomez, but I think Centineo would love to play arm candy to an A-Lister like, say, Jennifer Garner or Tracey Ellis Ross (!!).
Armie Hammer should appear in Succession season 2.
Have you seen Succession? I hope you've seen Succession. It is one of the best — if not The Best — TV series of 2018. I can't even imagine the filthy rich and fucked up drama the Roy family will get into next season. Or... can I? Pitch: Armie Hammer joins the cast for an episode as one of Roman's (Kieran Culkin) old college buddies. Now, they hate each other. They would scream and yell and maybe do some cocaine together? (Hammer's a pro at faking it thanks to Sorry To Bother You). Hammer's already proved he can easily be That Rich Hot Guy With Money after The Social Network and Nocturnal Animals. Plus, that means Hammer's character could have a height measuring contest with fellow tall man Cousin Greg (Nicolas Braun). Oh my God, get me into the writer's room, please.
Netflix should create its own award show.
With Netflix encroaching on broadcast TV and box office numbers, what's next for the unstoppable streaming company? An award show! The streaming service has created its own star network, so there's a guaranteed A-List (or at least budding A-List cast) crew of celebrities to attend. With live viewership of award shows waning more and more, Netflix could bring something new to the table. An award show that one can stream? That is interactive? That features To All The Boys I've Loved Before? I'd love to see what they could do.
Kris Jenner should host Saturday Night Live.
Imagine. How. Good. This. Would. Be. Honestly.
Timothée Chalamet should host a fan gathering led by Derek.
Chalamet needs to host a fan gathering in New York City for all his adoring teen (and 20something...) followers. There should be music (rap), food (peaches), and a selfie booth. But most importantly, the event needs to be co-hosted by Derek. Derek is a budding Internet icon, leading the Chalamet Army in stanning Timmy T. With 12,000 Twitter followers (and growing every day), @timotheechalamt deserves to meet the Oscar-nominated Internet boyfriend more than anyone else in the world. A mutually beneficial fan gathering is just what 2019 needs to balance out the toxic stan culture that defined this past year.
Khloé Kardashian should dump Tristan Thompson publicly.
No offence, Thompson, but — ok actually, full offence is fine — Kardashian needs to dump Thompson! The two can surely co-parent together (Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are pulling it off nicely and can offer a few tips), because Kardashian deserves a better man. Plus, Calabasas misses her all the way in Cleveland. True is much more of a Hollywood Hills kind of girl.
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez should have the wedding of the century.
2018 gave us two over-the-top weddings: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's, and Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas'. And now, in 2019, Lopez and Rodriguez should top them both. Each of them royalty in their respective industries, the power couple of all power couples would have the sexiest, tannest, and most opulent wedding of the century. Think about how elaborate Lopez's performances are, and then multiply that by 100. Ellen DeGeneres is pretty dead set on the two having a Christmas engagement, so this wish of mine could easily become a reality.
Justin Bieber should release a surprisingly good Christian rock album.
As a married man, Bieber is a bit of a recluse. It's rumoured that he's using his downtime in Canada to work on new music, and after an album like Purpose, it wouldn't be that surprising if Bieber released a Christian rock album. It's the easiest way for him to combine his dedication to his faith with his natural talent. Plus, he could use the album to remind everyone that he can play just about every instrument, and isn't just a pop star.
Cardi B should stay single.
Cardi B is at the top of her game, and she doesn't need an distractions, especially in the form of a man who willingly to ruins her headlining performance in order to beg for her forgiveness. There is no time for that in 2019. Cardi deserves to perform whenever she wants (uninterrupted), sleep with whoever she wants (without any judgement), and raise her daughter however she wants (with or without Offset).
Angelina Jolie, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, and Amy Adams should join Instagram.
This year Julia Roberts and Jake Gyllenhaal joined. You guys, it's time. Just do it.

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