7 Actually Achievable New Year's Resolutions

Photo: Meg O'Donnell
IMHO, New Year's resolutions are a truly terrible idea. January is almost certainly the most awful time of the year and, smack bang in the middle of it, we're expected to make major changes to our lives just because society tells us to?
Hell, if it were up to me, I'd give you a medal just for getting up on mornings when it's cold, rainy and dark, let alone getting up and going to the gym.
The issue most of us have with New Year's resolutions is that we aim too high. Going from eating a bacon sandwich every morning to breakfasting solely on overnight oats is a nice thought but really, it's a big ask.
Instead, aim for the middle – if your goal IS to eventually dine in the AM only on overnight oats (although this sounds like a very boring idea), then how about trying to make and eat them just once or twice a week? It's a much more realistic goal, one you're likely to stick to and therefore, not end up feeling like a failure. Because if you feel like a failure, how likely are you to try the healthy eating thing again in the future?
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