Fox Is Canceling Scream Queens After Just Two Seasons

Photo: Michael Becker / FOX.
Looks like the many Chanels won't be returning to our screens. During a conference call for Fox's upfronts, TV Guide reports Chairman and CEO Gary Newman says the network has canceled Scream Queens. The series debuted back in 2015, but despite rumors earlier this year, its plot has already come to an end.
"Over the course of the two seasons, it feels like it was a complete story," Newman explained. "We have no plans to go back there to tell more stories."
While the first two seasons starred household names like Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, and Jamie Lee Curtis, the future of the series seemed less certain. Both Michele and Lourd had plans for other shows (The Mayor and American Horror Story, respectively), with Michele planning to leave Scream Queens altogether.
Even the creator seemed skeptical about its renewal. Ryan Murphy joined Instagram earlier this month, promising updates on American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Feud. Not mentioned? Scream Queens.
It seems like Murphy, whether intentionally or not, was softening the blow.
So far, the only cast member to publicly respond to the news is Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Dean Cathy Munsch on the campy horror series.
"2 the fans & friends in front of & behind the mask I thank u 4 a fun & funny run," she tweeted alongside a photo, jokingly adding, "It was me all along after all!" The photo shows the actress in a filter that gives her big eyes and devil horns, a la the first season's killer, the Red Devil.
While Scream Queens may be over, there's no shortage of other Ryan Murphy hits to enjoy. Feud is already gearing up for season 2, which is slated to be all about Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
However, we shouldn't expect Murphy's usual staples, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, to take on the lead roles.
"Those two [Jessica and Sarah], I love them but they will not be in those roles," Murphy said at the premiere. "I think we're going to be shooting it all in England. It's going to be a very international cast...I'm just starting to meet with people. If you have a British accent, that helps you. On this show."
For now, however, we mourn Scream Queens the same way Chanels #1-5 mourned the deaths on their show: flipping our hair and moving on.

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