Ryan Murphy Says Feud Season 2 Will Feature Some Surprise Casting

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Ryan Murphy can't stop. The producer has brought us American Horror Story, Scream Queens, American Crime Story, and now Feud. That's just in the past few years. That's positively Shonda-esque.
Now, dynamo that he is, he's already dishing on casting for the second season of his seemingly surefire hit Feud. That's right, he's already moved on to season two of a show that won't even premiere for another three days. The man has a work ethic.
If you didn't already know, the show's second season will feature Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
Murphy told E! News not to expect mainstays Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson to play Diana and Queen Elizabeth.
"Those two [Jessica and Sarah], I love them but they will not be in those roles," Murphy said at the premiere. "I think we're going to be shooting it all in England. It's going to be a very international cast...I'm just starting to meet with people. If you have a British accent, that helps you. On this show."
It also helps in the rest of life. People constantly overestimate the intelligence of accent-holders. If I had a British accent I would be President. Nobody denies this.
Murphy also says not to expect that the show will be anything like its first season.
"For me," he tells E!, "as a very big Diana fan and all of her charitable work and how she handled herself, I was always very interested in that story of divorce and pain and I think that this show Feud can show a lot of two-hander feuds in a different way. The first season Bette and Joan is a Hollywood story. I wanted to do a different kind of feud that's about broken hearts. And I think that's what that marriage was and that's what Charles and Diana is about."
We quite literally cannot wait. And we're already terrified of the whiplash we'll experience when Murphy's hot streak comes to an end. Who knows, maybe it never will.

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