Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande Can't Keep Their Engagement Story Straight

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Is my long nightmare finally over? Have we finally figured out the exact timeline of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship? Davidson found himself on one of three Variety covers on the "Power Of Young Hollywood" alongside Shawn Mendes and Amandla Stenberg and said in probably the most definitive terms exactly when he and Grande met and when they officially got together — but in true Pariana fashion, things still don't match up.
He corroborates Grande's previous anecdote about meeting when she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016 — the time she predicted she was going to marry him (also worth noting, the time he was still dating ex Cazzie David).
"I was obviously ogling and trying not to be creepy," he remembered, according to the outlet. However, they started casually seeing one-another in May, and things just snowballed into a proposal.
"I didn’t want to do something corny," he said of his proposal. "We were in bed hanging, after watching a movie. I was like, ‘Will you marry me?’ It was really dope.”
Wait — was this before or after he sent her pictures of engagement rings, as he told GQ?
"The day I met [Grande], I was like, 'Hey, I'll marry you tomorrow,'" he said. "She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture [of engagement rings]. I was like, 'Do you like any of these?' She was like, 'Those are my favorite ones,' and I was like, 'Sick.'"
Will this couple ever give me a modicum of peace? Debatable.
"I’m still convinced she’s blind or hit her head really hard," Davidson joked with Variety. "Something is going to happen, and she’s going to be like, 'What the fuck is this thing doing around?’ For right now, it’s rocking."
It's rocking.

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