13 Lightweight Quilted Jackets To Kickstart Fall

Dressing for fall is a marathon, not a sprint. Although we experience the winter months every year, jacket fatigue inevitably occurs. Once the long-anticipated crispy day of the year hits, the urge to pull out all wool and puffer coats arrives in full-force. But pace yourself: You're going to be stuck wearing them for the next six months.
Since fall offers up the perfect in-between weather, we've rounded up 13 lightweight quilted jackets that will keep you from wearing that puffer until it's absolutely necessary. Plus, when winter arrives, these quilted pieces are light enough to wear as an extra layer. Coat layering may seem extreme when we're still dealing with 80-degree temperatures, but don't forget about last winter when we were trudging through five inches of snow on the way to work.
Lightweight quilted jackets are the equivalent of bringing your comforter everywhere. They're the portable blanket that ensures peak fall feelings, and they deserve a place in your closet. Click on to shop some of our favorites ahead.