25 Pieces To Buy If You’re Into Gorpcore

If you've been wondering why everyone you know suddenly has an affinity for Patagonia half-zips and Birkenstocks, blame gorpcore. The follow up to normcore — i.e. the weird, kind-of genius moment when people started wearing plain and unpretentious pieces, like dad hats and polo shirtsgorpcore (gorp = trail mix, by the way), started about a year ago and has gone full-force for spring. Once worn strictly by outdoorsy folk, performance pieces (i.e. anoraks, chin-strap hats, and hiking boots) are now being adopted by city dwellers. Yes, some people are slaves to practicality, but when it comes to gorpcore, this style choice is, of course, all about irony. But don't let that shy you away from the trend.
Bring the look into your everyday life by slipping on some Birkenstocks or Teva’s with cropped denim and a fisherman shirt, hoops, and extra-thin sunglasses, or sling-on a nylon backpack in place of your well-worn tote for commutes or weekends away. And if you need a light layer, an anorak is a clear choice, especially when layered over a floral maxi dress. It's all about juxtaposition.
Think you’re game to give gorpcore a try? Here, 25 pieces to help you get in touch with your sensible side. And if you're not the ironic type, these items are, at the very least, actually useful wardrobe additions — and who can argue with that?

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