27 Floral Dresses That Are Actually Kind-Of Groundbreaking

We'll save you the whole Devil Wears Prada reference here, because at this point, we all hear the word "florals" and think the same damn thing. So, let's get to it: Nothing says warm weather like a breathable, colorful dress, decorated with flowers. We've all owned one at some point, and, to be honest, we probably all still do. But with brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Chloé all reinventing this classic print through their own aesthetics, there's more ways than ever to embrace the style.
To show the range, we've rounded up 25 floral frocks, from long-sleeve to spaghetti strap, tight-fitting to extra flow-y, ones that are super-short, to ones that look just as cool solo as they do layered over a pair of cropped jeans. Whether you're a die-hard flower power obsesee, or someone who's ready to give the traditionally "girly" print a go, click on for an array of dresses that'll match whatever aesthetic you're looking for.

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