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Rent the Runway CEO Puts People First & She's Still Profitable

"I realized that I had inadvertently created second class citizens in my own company, and perpetuated income inequality."

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Why do salaried employees get far more benefits than hourly employees? This week, I spoke with Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman, an entrepreneur who realized she might have been perpetuating income inequality... in her own company. She’s learned a few lessons about being an ethical leader since founding her company at age 28. “I don’t think that this responsibility should rest at the whims of business leaders,” Hyman said, regarding the lack of government involvement in ethical labor practices. Is focusing only on doing what’s best for the “bottom line” (making more money) really a sustainable option for business leaders? Or do CEOs need to step up and throw out outdated and exploitative labor practices? Check out my conversation with Jennifer above to hear her take. And for more important conversations, make sure you follow Strong Opinions Loosely Held here!
Rent The Runway CEO Is Nice And ProfitableReleased on September 14, 2018

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