16 Stories That Capture The Epic Insanity Of Pokémon Go’s First Week In The World

Photo: Courtesy of Niantic.
Pokémon Go is just over a week old and it's already one of the biggest games of all time. Here's a look at how the mobile app has transformed lives in ways we never could have guessed. Players have ended up in all sorts of crazy places.
Funeral homes, restaurants, hospitals — nowhere is safe from the great Pokémon surge of 2016.
People noticed that their battery life suffered.
The good news is, there are ways to stay charged while you hunt the little critters.

It's the perfect kind of exercise.

You don't even realize you're working out...but you are. Magic. Your Fitbit's step count is off the charts. The game caused a security scare.
After a blog post raised concerns about login safety, the app quickly responded with an update to address user fears.

After just a few days, Pokémon Go broke a national record.
It's now more popular than Twitter and took the title of most-popular mobile game from Candy Crush. At the rate the app is going, it could even surpass Snapchat for number of downloads.
Even celebs are addicted to the game.
Keep your eyes peeled at your next PokéStop — you could run into Demi Lovato, Luna Lovegood, or Chrissy Teigen.

Politicians couldn't resist the Pokémon lure, either.

The Clinton campaign stopped at a gym, because even if you're passionate about policy, you've still gotta catch 'em all. The internet has responded with hilarious memes.
These are so funny that even people who hate Pokémon Go will appreciate them. Of course, Drake had to make an appearance. Catch a Pokémon...fall in love?
The game had an unexpected side effect on relationships, both existing and brand-new. Of course, Pokémon Go porn exists.
It's actually pretty hilarious and, in some cases, creative. Now there are Pokémon Go beauty products.
Hunting Pokémon all day does put a toll on your body. One comedian put an adult spin on the game.
Go searching for glasses of Chardonnay!
There are even ways to be charitable while playing.
One animal shelter went viral after it adorably invited players to hunt Pokémon while walking dogs in need. Pikachu + puppies = tugging at heartstrings everywhere.
BUT there have been some major cons to the game's success.
Players have risked jobs, arrests, and more in the name of becoming the top trainer. Pokémon Go etiquette is a thing.
Playing at your local park? Okay, go ahead. Playing at the 9/11 Memorial or Holocaust Museum? Hell no. Players need to realize that there are boundaries.

You can get free data to play.
T-Mobile recognizes that people are using crazy amounts of data to play the game and is coming to the rescue. Starting July 19, new and existing customers can get a year of free data for all their Pokémon-catching needs. So, in other words, you'll have to hear people obsessing over the game until at least August 2017.

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