We Need To Talk About Pokémon Go Etiquette

Pokémon Go is the latest most important thing in the world. The game is saving relationships, inspiring Diglett pics, and sending people crazy places. We’re here to talk about those crazy places today. Players have been going strange places, and that’s all well and good. Exploring the world is fun, even when you’re doing it staring down at your phone. You could end up at a sex shop, battling Obama’s Blastoise at the White House, or even chucking balls at a Holocaust Museum. And that last one is where the problem lies. The museum told players please not to play there. Which is good because, you know, people ought to respect the lives lost by millions of Jewish people during the Holocaust. Typically the best way to respect victims of a genocide is not bumping into the walls like a dipshit because there’s a Pidgey nearby. Or a Koffing, which is really a little much. The museum’s leadership is trying to have it removed as a Pokéstop, which would be a good first step. But real the responsibility lies with the players. Like, don’t play your mobile game at the Holocaust Museum. Pretty simple. The other places that the game shouldn’t be played honestly aren’t many. But any enclosed memorial is a good place to turn your phone off. That means funerals, museums dedicated to historic tragedies, and anywhere a parent could plausibly say, “Have some respect.” Outdoor memorials don’t seem quite as bad, although caution should be exercised. Capturing Pokémon while your partner is giving birth seems ok, as long as your partner is cool with it. The app is also totally fair game at things like graduations, weddings (while the ceremony is happening, even), and certain press conferences. Like, if you already got your quotes and your story is written, go nuts. All of this is not even mentioning police concerns that the game could lead to real life accidents. Be careful out there, people.

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