The Surprising Side Effect Pokémon Go Is Having On Relationships

When a popular new mobile game comes out, it usually spells major storms on the relationship horizon. People disappear into their phones, half-listening to conversations and generally becoming space cadets while they wait for their Kim Kardashian app energy to recharge. A quick scroll through Reddit Relationships — the greatest document of constantly updating human misery known to humankind — will show you just how prevalent that problem has become.
But a funny thing is happening with the release of Pokémon Go. People are going outside and, like, doing stuff. A side effect of that is that it’s actually improving people’s relationships. Check out these tweets.
That’s got to be the first time in history that a mobile game has ever improved the world. Of course, people are still staring at their phones, but now they’re doing it in public! Look, people are even saying that it’s saved their relationship. Like, multiple people are saying this. What a time to be alive.

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