The Trend Everyone Is Obsessed With That Gets You In Shape Without Even Noticing

Pokémon Go, an augmented-reality game available on iPhone and Android, was released last week (and it probably already ruined your life). There was so much excitement for the game — which got us walking, biking, or running after Pokémon — that the servers overloaded. It's probably the first time a video game server crashed from people...walking around.
So, we're all outside and chasing after Zubats and Rattata, since most of us are just trying to advance as Pokémon trainers. But for the first time ever, a video game has a lot of us actually running around — and it's all anyone can talk about. Do you even know what a Zubat is?!
We've seen one clear trend emerging, however, among people talking about their Pokémon Go life: they're all exercising, whether they want to or not!
Except for this person, who clearly found the hack.
And those who have figured it out have some theories about who the mastermind behind this scheme might be:

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