7 Major Pokémon Go Fails

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.
Of all the things that are making major news headlines around the world right now, from Brexit to Black Lives Matter to the upcoming presidential election, it's hard to imagine that a mobile app fits in. But Pokémon Go has completely taken over, creating an intense gaming obsession that hasn't been seen in years, if not decades.

is playing. Even if you've resisted downloading the game so far, you've at least seen others catching Pokémon on the street, or have a newsfeed littered with related statuses and events.
What makes Pokémon Go so different from other games is that its boundaries are seemingly unrestricted. You don't just play in your living room, on a bus, or at a park. You play everywhere, constantly looking for another creature to catch to advance in the game.
"Basically, this is a new-age scavenger hunt," says Jordan Edelson, founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, an app development agency. "Users are familiar with the brand and the concept of the hunt so it is attracting a lot of attention and interest." Pair that with the lingering nostalgia of playing Pokémon as a kid, and you've got a winning recipe.
This kind of addictive game has its pros — getting exercise, meeting new people, exploring your city — but also major cons that are becoming increasingly apparent.
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