20 Pokémon Go Memes You HAVE To See

In case you haven’t noticed, Pokémon Go is breaking the internet.
It’s not enough that the game is consuming our free time, destroying our phone batteries, and possibly stealing our personal information (spoiler: it's not) — it’s also taking over our newsfeeds. The app has been available in the U.S. for less than a week, but it feels like it's been an eternity. Luckily, the jokes currently taking over social media make it all worthwhile.
Let’s face it, Pokémon Go is the perfect recipe for epic memes. Combine the public’s love of Pokémon (thanks, '90s nostalgia) and the app's ability to create odd social situations, thanks to its real-world GPS component, and the internet can churn out hilarious pop culture references faster than you can finish watching a DJ Khaled Snapchat story.
We’ve rounded up 20 of the best Pokémon Go memes the world has come up with. Get ready to laugh — or cry — at how accurately these capture your feels. (And in case you’re still wondering how to even play, we can help you with that, too.)

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