Forget About Pokémon — Let’s All Play Chardonnay Go

As you surely know by now, everyone and their mother is playing the new Pokémon Go mobile game. But one mother came up with her own hilariously clever version that would probably be even more fun for adult players. Comedian Dena Blizzard is known for her one-woman off-Broadway show, One Funny Mother, which is dedicated to finding the humor in that crazy journey called motherhood. Yesterday, Blizzard posted a video to her YouTube channel that featured her Pokémon Go spoof game, Chardonnay Go. The video, which Blizzard titled "Chardonnay Go: A 'Pokémon Go' game for moms," starts with her explaining exactly what the fake game is all about. "Did you know there's an app for moms called Chardonnay Go, where you can actually find glasses of Chardonnay all over your neighborhood?" Blizzard then bursts out her front door in search of the glasses, exclaiming that there's one right outside her home. She finds her first glass of wine underneath a bush in her yard. She takes a sip, puts it back where she found it, and then runs in a different direction looking for her next glass-full. At one point during her hunt, she even hops in her friend Donna's minivan, which takes her to the next Chardonnay spot. Her desperation and excitement are eerily similar to the hullaballoo surrounding Pokémon Go (and also a pretty accurate representation of how some of us feel when we're looking for a much-needed glass of wine after work). Watch Blizzard play the game, below. It's sure to make you wish you could actually find it in the app store.

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