For Once, We’re Giving Dads The Fashion Credit They Deserve

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we first have to come clean. In retrospect, we've definitely shamed our dads once or twice (a year) for making some sort of fashion faux pas, Whether that be tucking their polos into jeans that come up a pinch too high or just dressing way too touristy during that last family vacation (i.e. fanny packs, too-big cargo shorts, and chunky New Balance sneakers). There's a reason the dad hat is called, well, the dad hat. But cut to now, and "ugly" dad sneakers have become such an overwhelming sensation, Balenciaga justified selling theirs for a whopping $900. (They sold out more than once, by the way.) And oversized blazers reminiscent of the '90s commuter dad look replete with a boxy briefcase in tow? Been there, done that for a few seasons now. Basically, every trend that's gained any sort of traction lately is a not-so-silent ode to dads everywhere.
Given that Father's Day is approaching and we've already admitted to throwing some undeserved shade (cargo shorts excluded) at the dads of the world, we're giving credit where credit's due by highlighting every one of this season's coolest trends that look like they're straight out of your dad's closet. From Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs to loafers and trench coats, if your dad would wear it, apparently, so will we.
Once you're done buying your dad a much-deserved Father's Day gift, grab yourself one (or all) of the 10 dad-inspired trends ahead. No, we can't believe we ever made fun of them either.

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