The Top Summer Essentials According To Instagram

Instagram has become synonymous with this era's fashion industry success. From the rise of influencers blurring the lines of who exactly decides the trends, to legacy brands finding new means of storytelling and creatively pushing their vision, to new and Indie brands being given a free marketing platform to thrive on in an otherwise cutthroat and expensive world, Instagram has become the place to source out what's "in." Which is why every new season (which in the world of Instagram now occurs every other month) we look towards the social platform to comprise our vision board of what to buy.
There's a reason influencers are bequeathed the name. Their often cool and enviable style shepherds us towards the trends we didn't even know we needed. This summer, they're all about transparent details, novel jewelry, and the perfect, effortless summer top. From wooden hoops to plastic shoes, the six Instagram summer essentials ahead are the ones we bet you'll be seeing pop up on your feed every few swipes — and ones you'll be adding to your saved collection folders (hey, we are too!).
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Anti-Metal Hoop Earrings
Metal fatigue is here, at least for jewelry. This summer is all about finding the most unique hoops, whether it's wood, plastic, or everything in between.
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Netted Bags
The netted bag has been holding strong for sometime now, but this summer, it's all about ditching the flimsy fishnet tote for something more structured.
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Smocked Tops
Smocking everything is in, but for a way to dip your toes into this Insta-popular comeback trend, a basic top is a good start.
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Transparent Bags
From the streets of NYFW to the discover pages of Instagram, you'd be hard pressed not to see at least one iteration of the see-through bag this season.
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Plastic Shoes
We're still on the fence about how comfortable these actually are, but we can't deny that we still reflexively "like" them every time someone makes the trend leap.
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Tie Tops
Welcome the itty bitty tie top. Forget last year's ubiquitous off-the-shoulder trend. We've already seen this blouse blowing up on Instagram.
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