The One Accessory To Bring On Your Beach Vacation

When it comes to a getaway affair, even if just for a day, we’re creatures of habit in the overpacking department. Leaving home with a jam-packed purse, filled with everything necessary for a zombie apocalypse, or even just a mid-day granola bar snack, starts to weighs down on our shoulders.
Despite our best efforts to edit down our bag, we still end up with a shoulder bag for our essentials, a separate one for beach towels, and a cooler (in case we suddenly lose access to any place to eat). As much as we'd love to dust off that high school backpack, it just won't cut it. We need a true carry-all, one that will hold everything and anything we may need — and that won't burst at the seams in the process.
Luckily this summer is filled to the brim with cute beach totes. The wicker, straw, and basket bag trends we’ve been loving are about to come in handy for your vacation jaunts. We're grabbing pompom-adorned ruffian shoppers and every top-handle raffia we can get our hands on. There's even a few monogrammed options (so your friends won't be tempted to "borrow" it). Click on or 18 beach totes that are equally as cute as they are functional.

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