We’re Calling It: Fanny Packs Are Cool Again

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but many fashion folks would argue that the perfect handbag takes the cake. So we're not about to convince you to ditch all your beloved purses for good, but we would like to re-introduce you to one type that's fresh yet surprisingly familiar: the fanny pack. Before you laugh these off as just for tourists (or the '80s), hear us out, because these aren't at all like the kind your parents wore on your family trip to Disney World.
These days, tons of brands are reinventing and modernizing the hands-free belt-bag — and the more we picture a life where our hands are more available to shop, eat, and text without constantly holding a carryall, the better these pieces start to look. Plus, there's a style for every look, whether you're into all-black everything, or never say no to a floral. Just in time for festival season (and then summer adventures), the fanny packs ahead will make you realize why this old-school style deserves its place at your waist.

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