How To Get Hailey Bieber's "Sandy Blonde" Hair — Straight From Her Colorist

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In Hollywood, there's a long list of celebrities with hair fatigue: Maisie Williams has bounced between blue, purple, and pink hair for years; Emilia Clarke can seamlessly shift from a blonde pixie to brunette bob without batting an eye; even Zac Efron can't resist playing with peroxide when the opportunity strikes. But Hailey Bieber doesn't belong on that list, because she's stayed with the same blonde hair color for years.
Bieber (née Baldwin) may not be famous for her big beauty risks — she's a household name thanks to a successful ballet-turned-modeling career — but she's still become somewhat of a beauty guru for her fans. She keeps it real when it comes to hormonal acne, she never says no to blue lipstick, and as much as she loves tiny tattoos, she knows exactly when it's the wrong time to get one. Even so, the biggest beauty lesson we've learned from Bieber is that there's nothing wrong with sticking to a signature hair color — and in the case of Bieber, that's a cool, sandy blonde.
Although the 22-year-old has played with temporary pink hair dye before (which she told Refinery29 she'll never do again), on any given day you'll catch Bieber rocking the creamy shade of blonde created by her go-to colorist and Redken brand ambassador, Ryan Pearl. If you want to copy her look, there are a few things to know before you head to your colorist. So, we asked Pearl for the lowdown on getting his star client's signature blonde color. His answers, ahead.

What Is Hailey Bieber Blonde?

"Hailey loves changing up the tone of her blonde throughout the year, but currently it’s a bright sandy blonde with some [brighter] pops around her face," explains Pearl. He adds that, she can pretty much rock any shade of blonde with her skin tone, "It gives us a lot of options and makes it easy to color."

How To Copy Hailey's Hair Color

"For a brunette transitioning to blonde, you’ll most likely need multiple salon visits to get to the shade you're going for," Pearl says. "Once you’ve achieved the right [base] color, you can just ask your stylist for some highlights, using Redken Flash Lift, around the face, hairline, and part to brighten and keep it looking fresh."
While blonde hair is notoriously high-maintenance (something that likely won't change until graphene is sold by the bottle), it doesn't mean you should be afraid of letting your roots show. In fact, Pearl says that it's the kind of feature that adds unique depth and contrast to an otherwise flat blonde color.

How To Maintain Your New Hair Color

Here's the thing: Bieber is a celebrity, so she's blessed with hair pros on both coasts to help maintain her hair, Pearl and Florido. For non-celebs, expect to head into the salon every two months (about 10 to 12 weeks) for a touch-up to maintain the vibrancy and get your roots smudged.
Bieber is a long-term blonde, so she's not exempt from bond-building treatments to prevent breakage from all the bleach. To keep Bieber's hair healthy and fresh, Pearl reaches for Redken pH-Bonder. And his shiny-hair secret? Redken Shades EQ Gloss.
The only question we have left: Is Bieber as happy to get a blonde touch-up as her husband is to get a haircut?
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