How To Party-fy All The Trends You Bought In On This Year

You can even wear a turtleneck on New Year’s Eve.

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If you've spent more time thinking about your closet — and the outfit options inside it — over the past few weeks than you have the entire year, you're not alone. Winter doesn't just bring a newfound need for creativity (creating layers that look and feel good is an art), but it also brings a whirlwind of fancy events in such a short period of time; events that oftentimes involve a good slew of Instagrams, and thus, a desire to not repeat said looks. And that's where even more creativity is required.
Since we've already been contemplating the clothing items we should be eliminating from our wardrobe once 2017 comes to a close, we're also thinking about how we can fancify some of this year's staples. From the plaid blazer to the beret photographer Ashley Armitage teamed up with stylist Heather Newberger and models Gabrielle Richardson and Akua Shabaka to show just how versatile the everyday items we invested in are for party season. Never thought you'd wear a turtleneck to your New Year's Eve bash? Well, think again.
Transform The Turtleneck
In case you missed it, the turtleneck is our fall and winter saving grace. We love it. We wear it every day. We push it on everyone we know. And while so many might say that turtlenecks do not belong anywhere near your going-out outfit, we say: they just haven't found the right one. The beauty of the turtleneck is that the color, cut, and fabric options are endless. Sure, we may rely on a cotton or cashmere version 95% of the time, a clingy, sheer style can easily be translated into a party-ready look. Tuck into a mini skirt, slip on some tights (colored, patterned, or cut-out, it's up to you), add a leather jacket (bonus for some variety of detailing, like faux fur or studs), and suddenly that stuffy turtleneck looks, well, not so stuffy after all.
Top If Off With A Beret
We could convince you to wear a beret by simply saying "Well, Rihanna wore one," but that would be underestimating the appeal of 2017's most popular accessory. Yes, we've been wearing our beret since it returned to the zeitgeist last summer, but we're even more excited to break it out this winter. (Sorry, knit beanies, but you've seen better days). That being said, it's one thing to style your new favorite hat with a wool coat and pair of boots. It's another to integrate it into . your party wardrobe. Give it a go by choosing one that blends in with the rest of your ensemble (one in the same color as your top, bottom, or dress might do the trick). Add some statement earrings and some fresh makeup, and your face becomes the focal point it should be.
Add Some Punch To The Plaid Blazer
It was the street style trend heard 'round the world. If there's one piece of clothing most Fashion People™ bought this year, it was the gray plaid blazer. They dominated the runways, saturated our Instagram feeds, and popped up on every store rack imaginable, from Neiman Marcus to Forever 21. And they became the ultimate wardrobe staple, one you could wear to work, to dinner with friends, and now, to your New Year's Eve bash. That's right, that Working Girl-esque glen plaid is ready to party. Wear with a mini skirt, knee-highs, and something glittery, and you may not even recognize the piece you wore about 360 days of the past year.
Revive The Peplum. Seriously
Those are three words you probably weren't expecting to read. But with the Kardashian-Jenner-pioneered rise of the corset trend came a collection of bustiers many of us aren't sure how to ever wear again. For something a little less provocative than going bare-shouldered (plus, it's cold out there), style your go-to on top of a sparkly tee, short-sleeved knit, or bodysuit. Layering never looked so good.
Let Your Inner Sequin Shine
From Ashish and Coach to Marc Jacobs and Halpern, if 2017 convinced us of anything, it was that sequins were no longer reserved for just nighttime. Styled with sneakers and jeans, the most party-ready fabric was turned on its head. Well, that's not what's happening here. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Embrace your inner-Studio 54 and wear glitter from head-to-toe. And if that isn't your vibe, remember: It is possible to shine without piling on the sequins.

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