5 Ways To Style Red, 2024’s Top Color Trend

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Photo: Courtesy of Alexander McQueen.
Alexander McQueen spring 2024.
Last Fashion Month, you would have been hard-pressed attend a fashion show or presentation that didn’t include the color red. Day after day, it became clear that the shade was becoming the top color trend for 2024.
Still, it was difficult to imagine a world in which people would be open to styling red in their everyday lives. A notoriously hard-to-pull-off color that is often linked to intense feelings of passion and anger, as well as crime scenes and cheesy Valentine’s Day merchandise, red has long been embraced by pop culture as a color that’s worn to symbolize a deeper meaning. It was a color that Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones, known for her disdain toward monogamous relationships and fiery approach to sexuality, often wore throughout the series. It’s also the signature shade of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s filmography, often associated with death, passion, and pain in movies like Volver and Julieta
Photo: Courtesy of Acne.
Acne spring 2024.
Photo: Courtesy of Jil Sander.
Jil Sander spring 2024.
Yet, for the spring/summer 2024 collections, designers casually embedded red into their lineups, displaying it with the ease usually granted to blue jeans or white tank tops. Designers like Acne, Alexander McQueen, and Peter Do delicately introduced the color in their lineups, without any passion-related gimmicks or ominous symbolism. Instead, they displayed chic pops of color, as well as monochrome outfits and red accessories that are fit to stand out.
It's clear designers are making it easier for people to introduce red to their wardrobes. If the runways still don’t convince you, here’s how the Refinery29 team styles red — their way. 

How to style red: color-blocking

"While I have no qualms about wearing an all-red look — this set is my go-to — Valentine's Day or not, this season I have been playing around with including slices of red to make other colors stand out. I love how the red sweater underneath the blazer brings out the blue in the pansuit even more. For a night out, I would swap out the loafers for a red sock paired with a naked sandal." — Irina Grechko, Fashion Director

How to style red: pops of color

“Ask anyone who knows me — bright colors are not my thing. But there’s something about red that has long enthused me, and in 2024, I decided to add a big scarlet pop to my wardrobe with this Prada Cleo bag. This neutral-and-red combo is my favorite for on-the-go outfits. While I’m still waiting for the color to catch on to other categories in my wardrobe, I think starting with accessories — be it handbags, socks, shoes, or jewelry — is a great way to start off with such a bold hue.” — Frances Solá-Santiago, Fashion Writer

How to style red: ballet flats

"Red has always been my favorite color, but not necessarily to wear. I have red hair, and up until recently thought that meant I couldn’t actually wear red and make it look good. But, I’ve been experimenting more with color recently (is anyone else getting served an absurd amount of color analysis content on TikTok?) and thought getting red shoes would help ease me into the trend. I’m obsessed with these ballet flats from Vivaia — not only have I been able to walk miles in them, but the pop of red can make any basic jeans-and-a-top outfit into something far more interesting. I’ve also always been drawn to red phone cases, and it’s an easy way to add the color into every single outfit without even trying." — Elizabeth Gulino, Senior Writer

How to style red: colored tights

"After seeing all the trending 'pop of red' outfits on social media late last year, I was influenced to purchase a pair of red tights. I intended to wear them for Christmas but chickened out, so I finally debuted them for my February birthday. I asked all my friends to wear black for the occasion, but wanted to stand out a bit, so these red tights were perfect. I also (of course) asked everyone to wear sunglasses (my everyday go-to accessory) so I threw on my “strawberry rhubarb” Warby Parker sunnies to complete the look. I really think the red and black look came together well and made me feel chic and confident (without feeling too overbearing or in-your-face)." — Victoria Montalti, Associate Affiliate Writer

How to style red: graphic tees

"After a year of having warmer-toned hair, I’ve gone back to my favorite purple-leaning pink, which can make it hard to style red. As the weather has gotten colder, I’ve been obsessed with layering graphic tees over this mesh turtleneck from AFRM and this Boygenius band tee adds the perfect pop of red without clashing with my hair. I love the way it’s mixed with yellow and blue for a primary color moment while still remaining dark enough to go with my usual heavy-on-the-black winter vibe. My favorite part about pops of color on my clothes is matching them to my eye makeup — for this look, I color-matched the primary colors of the shirt for a simple, but bright graphic dot eye look. Rounded out with an OXB chain, Madewell wide-leg jeans, and my trusty Frye combat boots — this look gives me that perfect androgynous feel." — Hannah Rihmm, Senior Editor, Money Diaries

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