15 Black Boots To Daydream About Now That Fall Has Arrived

Whether you're begging for the season to end or grasping onto the last few weeks of heat for dear life, there's just no denying that, pretty soon, summer will be on its way out. But, like summer, fall is equally full of lovable clichés: cooler weather, the yearly swap from iced-to-hot coffee, and exchanging those colorful sandals for some chunky, often black, boots. While there's no sin in holding onto pastels and neon hues throughout autumn, lime green and soft yellow aren't quite as good at transitioning when it comes to fall footwear.
This year, we're predicting a return to the classics — Chelsea boots, platform boots, chunky boots, and, of course, the holy grail of autumn: the heeled boot. Sure, a few outliers will always make an appearance each year (a good, white boot is irreplaceable), but for the most part, these traditional favorites are the name of the game. So put summer behind you in style with these 16 fall boot options — most of which are heavily discounted — from Jet.com. Now, all we need is for these heatwaves to take a hint...and a hike.
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