The Bachelor Premiere Answered Every Hannah & Peter Mystery

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If there’s one thing the 2020 Bachelor wants you to know from the very beginning, it's that Hannah Brown isn't going anywhere. The Bachelor season 24 may technically belong to Peter Weber, but his ex Hannah is waiting in the wings — literally, as sneak previews promise we’ll see the Dancing With the Stars winner milling around a theater with Pilot Pete. Before we get a hint of Peter and Hannah’s heavy backstage conversation, an early “Week 1” teaser unveils Bachelor contestants shrieking about Alabama Hannah’s surprise night 1 entrance
“Guys, we have a crisis!” one woman yells. “Hannah is here.”
If that panicked contestant was worried about seeing the ex-Bachelorette back in front of the Bachelor Nation mansion, she should be outright terrified about the conversation Hannah and Peter share to close out “Week 1.” The ABC leads spilled all on their relationship history, its messy Bachelorette implosion, and what happened in the months following. 
After listening to Hannah and Peter’s very touchy heart-to-heart, it’s impossible to believe these two are over forever. 
The last 10 minutes of “Week 1” footage is almost entirely dedicated to Hannah and Peter’s first big Bachelor conversation. It appears this is their most honest catch-up session since Peter's “After the Final Rose” appearance, if not their first true face-to-face conversation after their post- Bachelorette fantasy suite split. Hannah and Peter famously had sex four times over the course of their windmill-set fantasy suite date. Considering the fact that Peter is now the Bachelor, and is therefore meant to be past his Hannah heartbreak, you would expect this to be a more platonic meeting. 
You would be wrong. 
Peter finds Hannah sobbing in the back room of a theater where they are filming the second group date of the season (it is meant to be inspired by sex stories à la The Windmill Date). Hannah's makeup is dripping down her face, putting Rachel Lindsay’s crumpled eyelash strip to shame. All Hannah and Peter can do is murmur about how “weird” and “a lot” the situation is as Hannah talks about how “terrible” she feels over seeing Peter as the Bachelor. By this point, the exes have already lived through the night 1 entrance, and we know Hannah dropped by the mansion to give Peter the pilot wings pin he gifted her during the 2019 Bachelorette premiere
“A little bit of me was kind of hoping that you weren't just dropping something off,” he admits. “But that you were coming in.” This is the first time Peter suggests Hannah should join his season. It is not the last time. 
This initial bit of honesty pushes Hannah to unleash all of the secrets she has been harboring about why she broke up with Peter in Crete. “I don’t know what the fuck I was doing,” she says before breaking down into more intense tears. “I don’t know, Peter. I question what I should have done. I question a lot.” When Peter pushes Hannah specifically on sending him home in favor of Tyler Cameron and eventual Bachelorette winner/villain Jed Wyatt, Hannah shares the realest bit of information of the premiere. 
“Yeah, Peter, I question it all the time,” she responds. “I mean I told you, I had no doubts that you were… going to be… That it was you and Jed. That you were going to meet my family.” Hannah only kept Jed around because their relationship was “comfortable” and “falling into the same thing” of her past, she says. The underlying suggestion is that Hannah hoped someone like Peter could be her future. Then she surprised everyone, including herself, by choosing Tyler for one of her final two suitors. 
The specter of Tyler continues to be an issue as Hannah and Peter discuss the fallout of the two-part “After the Final Rose” special
On the first night of the special, Hannah had a notably chemistry-fueled last chat with Peter. She still did not ask him out for a do-over date. Yet, the next day, Hannah did invite Tyler out, and was subsequently seen by paparazzi enjoying some one-on-one time with him. Peter says watching Hannah ask Tyler out was “tough” because he told his family that same night that he was open to giving things another try. Then, once Hannah made very public plans with Tyler, Peter realized his relationship with Hannah had to be over since he “didn’t want to be someone’s third option.” 
Hannah tosses back yet another revelation. She didn’t avoid asking Peter out because she wasn’t interested. Instead, she believed he had his own reality TV aspirations and didn’t want to stand in his way. “[Tyler] was reaching out. You didn’t say anything,” Hannah recalls. “I didn’t know if you just wanted to get past it. Or wanted to be the Bachelor… I mean, I thought you wanted to be the Bachelor.” 
This entire merry-go-round of Bachelor Nation despair suggests an alternate universe where Peter reached out to Hannah once this summer and easily rekindled their relationship.
Yet that’s not the world we live in. Instead, Hannah and Peter end the episode as emotionally dizzy as ever. “I feel like I thought that I was not confused. But now I don’t know,” Peter says at one point about his feelings for Hannah, eventually confirming he wants to kiss his ex. For her part, Hannah repeatedly talks about the “spark” she feels with Peter and confirms she “knows there’s something there.” 
It’s possible next week’s The Bachelor episode could solve even more mysteries about Hannah and Peter. Their teary, flirty “Week 1” meeting ends with a “To be continued” announcement, promising more drama in “Week 2.” So remember to bring your waterproof mascara.
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