Pilot Pete’s Bank Account Has Taken Off Since His Bachelorette Days

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
It has been said time and time again that Bachelor contestants go on the show for just one reason: to find love. But all the money, fame, and spon-con opportunities don’t hurt, right? While all the competing suitors on The Bachelor or Bachelorette don’t get paychecks — and even have to pay for their own outfits out of pocket — the season leads earn some serious money. So, how much exactly is current Bachelor Peter Weber worth?
Weber is famously a pilot, and a deeper dig into his Instagram shows that he has been flying for Delta Airlines since early 2018. Prior to that, Weber flew for United Airlines. Neither airline has disclosed how much they pay pilots, but according to Glassdoor, Delta pilots earn $175,000 a year on average, while United pilots earn $173,000. With this math, Weber likely earned a solid $521,000 from the past three years as a commercial pilot. 
Though he took a break from the job to film The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, his stint as this season’s leading man has (hopefully) paid off in more ways than one. Time will tell if Weber found love with one of his many contestants, but according to famed Bach blogger Reality Steve, every season lead earns at least $100,000. And since filming only takes place over the course of six to nine weeks, according to former cast members, Weber still made more than a little money this year.
Not only that, but Weber told USA Today on January 3 that he has already returned to flying. In the same interview, he described his career as his “passion” and “first love,” so it sounds unlikely he will go the route some Bachelor stars take of pivoting to spon-con partnerships. 
Weber hasn’t had any sponsorships yet, but that could change. Digital influencer expert Sarah Boyd estimated that Bachelor alums with similar follower counts — that is, 1.3 million — earn upwards of $10,000 per sponsored post. 
Bottom line? Weber is doing pretty well for himself. Still, for his sake, let’s just hope insurance (or ABC) paid those medical bills from his mid-filming freak accident.
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