After The Bachelorette, Peter Weber Is Being, Well, Remarkably Normal

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It’s kind of impossible not to fall in love with Peter Weber on The Bachelorette. He’s cute, he has a cool job, and he treats Hannah so well — and after meeting his family during his hometown date and seeing where he comes from, it’s even easier to adore him. But what’s Peter doing after The Bachelorette? Is he single? Is he still up in the air? What’s his deal?
So far, by all indications (see: what he’s posted on his Instagram since getting home from filming the show), it seems like Peter is likely single, which is good news for those of us who are now crushing on him (and everyone who’s rooting for him to be the next Bachelor). If he did end up with Hannah after the show, he’s not letting on — and according to his posts on social media, it seems like this guy is the real deal (that is if you're not following the claims that he ditched his ex-girlfriend for the show, but that's a story for another time). What's most remarkable is that it doesn’t even look like he quit his job for a life of #SponCon and Instagram fame, like many contestants have done before him.
Here’s what Peter’s been up to these days:
He’s Living His Best Summer Life For The 'Gram And Only The 'Gram
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Yes, that is Peter, belly flopping into a pool where his adorable brother, Jack (also a pilot) is laying on a float. Yes, he did caption the post “FREE WILLY.” This is quintessential summer, is it not? It seems like Peter is having a lot of fun now that he’s not being followed by Chris Harrison and ABC’s cameras.
He Went Back To Work (And Surprisingly, This Isn't #SponCon)
This wouldn’t be so noteworthy if it hadn’t become so rare in Bachelor Nation, but here we are. Peter obviously loves flying and couldn’t wait to get back to it, so it’s good to see him back in his element again.
And while this Insta, location tagged to a Delta Hub and featuring a Delta slogan, technically isn't sponsored content since Delta Airlines is literally Peter's workplace, it might have a similar effect on Bachelor fans who find themselves purposely choosing his airline in order to have a shot at flying in a plane that is piloted by Pilot Pete himself.
He’s Using His New Influence To Get People To Donate Blood
Of course Peter is giving blood. Of course his brother joined him. And of course they’re going to start putting on blood drives all around the country. Knowing how many Bachelorette fans are now smitten with him, we're pretty sure his blood drives will have a decent turn out. Leave it to Peter to use his new found fame for good.
He’s Playing With His Dog
Okay so technically this isn't an update but don't you feel better for having seen it?

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