The Bachelorette's Peter Might Be The Most Normal Person In Reality TV

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Remember the good ole days of boy-meets-girl, boy likes girl, boy asks girl to be his girlfriend? By which, I mean, week four of Hannah's Bachelorette season, during which Peter Weber (better known as Pilot Pete) cloyingly pulls Hannah aside to ask her a Very Important Question, which turns out to be this: “Will you be my girlfriend?”
It was a moment that might have felt slightly out-of-touch with reality, given that Peter is vying for Hannah’s heart and hand in marriage alongside more than a dozen other men, but there was an earnestness and sincerity to the act that managed to score Pilot Pete some major brownie points amongst viewers — and more importantly, with Hannah.
A big part of the Delta pilot’s charm, after all, is the fact that he’s clearly head-over-heels for Hannah, and isn’t afraid to show it: he’s not playing games or tossing other men under the bus in order to catch her attention, because he knows he’d rather just keep things sweet and simple. His presence on the show thus far has been a refreshing change of pace as compared to some of the more scheme-y dudes who’ve thrown Hannah’s patience for a loop (later, Cam).
Or, tbh, any of the more jaded contestants who seem to be on the show for The Wrong Reasons, aka not for Hannah. Tequila business or no, it definitely didn’t seem like Luke S. was super into Hannah, and Jed was upfront about the fact that he originally saw being on the show as a great platform for his music career.
Meanwhile, there’s good ole Pilot Pete, whose dogged focus on Hannah has been both respectful and almost alarmingly charming. Hannah seems super into it too — she giggled up a storm when Peter picked her up and (gently) laid her down onto a pool table on The Bachelorette's fifth episode, and she seemed to have no problem with him lifting her up to make out against a wall on a previous episode either.
Basically, Peter is 100 percent on board to take their relationship one day at a time, in hopes of building up a solid foundation for their eventual — shall we say it? — engagement. Well, one can hope. Either that, or poor Pilot Pete will get his heart broken and have to fly solo until he recovers. Team Pete!

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